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O’Hare Badge Test Questions And Answers

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5 mphDepressed roadways, bag rooms, near aircrafts
20 mphTraversing/driving ramp
30 mphSpeed limit at O’hare
10 ftPark away from security fence and distance between parked fuel trucks
15 ftPark away from fire hydrant
20 ftDrive from parked aircraft
50 ftPark fuel trucks away from building
100 ftPark away for a fuel spill
150 ftKeep away from snow blowers and snow plows
RunwayWhite lights
TaxiwayBlue lights
Service RoadAmber lights
AOARamp, service roads, taxiways, runways, etc
Movement AreasRunways, taxiways, or any area of the airport under the control of ATCT
Non-movement AreaRamp, service roads, or areas NOT under the control of ATCT
Emergency Phone Number773 894 9111
FinesViolators shall be liable for reimbursement to the city of any fines or penalties paid by the city as a result of the person’s violation. The commissioner of aviation may also revoke or refuse to reissue the SIDA badge.
Runway IncursionsAny occurrence at an airport involving aircraft, vehicle, person, or object that causes a collision hazard
Categories for Runway IncursionsOperations, Pilots, Vehicle, Miscellaneous
ATCTAir Traffic Control Tower
Light Gun SignalUsed by the ATCT to communicate with drivers or aircraft who cannot be contacted by radio
FOD (Foreign Objects of Debris)Garbage on non-movement areas must be picked up. Do not throw on ramp
Depressed RoadwaysRoad elevation is lower than the gate area. Only tugs, tractors, and emergency equipment may use this road
FishtailingExcessive side-to-side movement of towed equipment
Ground Vehicle LightMust be on from sunset to sunrise or in poorly lighted/low visibility areas. After sunset, cannot park in the gate area with lights turned on and facing the aircraft
Ground Vehicle BrakesAll drivers must test the brakes when approaching an aircraft to avoid brake failure/collision
Parking BrakesUse in the event an operator must leave their vehicle unattended
Open CabProvides the driver with unobstructed 360° visibility
Rear View MirrorVehicle must have at least one of these for the operator to have a clear view of the road behind for a distance of 200 ft
HornAll ground vehicles equipped with horns must be audible from a distance of 200 ft
Slow Moving Vehicle, Towed Carts & EquipmentMust be clearly marked on both sides and rear of the vehicle with fluorescent paint, including company name and a slow-moving vehicle sign
Structural Clearance AdvisoryCaution must be used when operating equipment in the terminal area, paying attention to height and width clearance
Disabled VehicleDo not leave in the middle of movement areas
Vehicle Transporting FuelCannot drive through concourse underpasses or under the terminal building
Double Solid LinesNo passing zones on service roads
No Driving on Runway or TaxiwaysExcept: 1. Where service roads cross taxiways or runways 2. Escorted by authorized city vehicles or organizations approved by the airport operations and have radio contact with ATCT 3. Driving an emergency vehicle
Zipper MarkingsDo not cross or go beyond these markings. They declare the boundary of the service road
Steady Red LightStop
Flashing Red LightClear runway or taxiway immediately
Flashing White LightReturn to start point
Steady Green LightClear to go
Flashing Green LightClear to taxi (no vehicles)
Flashing Red and Green LightUse extreme caution

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