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ASVAB Test Answers

A square has how many sides?
How much is 2 plus 2?
A rose is a what?
A flower
What is the best explanation of how a smooth round stone became smooth?
It was in a stream for a long time
If you place bean seeds between moist paper towels and watch the stem leaves appear you will see a demonstration of?
Any astronomical body that revolves around a larger body is called?
In chemistry, to be classified as an organic substance, a substance must contain?
carbon atoms
What element does not contain any neutrons?
What is the symbol for hydroxyl ion?
A perpetual-motion machine can never be built because it is not possible to eliminate what?
The chemical formula of a compound describes the elements the compound contains and the…
the ratio of elements in a compound
When scientists measures a liquids resistance to flow, they are measuring the liquids…
The tympanic membranes are also known as the…
Ear drums
When sodium atoms form sodium ions they:
lose electrons
Choking is prevented by the…?
epiglottis covering the voice box
Which of the following actions produce & chemical change?
Adding salt to the hot water
Which of the following is a non-renewable resource?
What are the 2 main gases that make up stars?
Hydrogen and helium
A radar is designed to report the track of an aircraft every second. If this radar reports 30 tracks in one minute, what percentage of the time did the radar track the aircraft?
Jerry walked a dog from 6:40am to 7:30pm one day. If he was paid at the rate of 6$ per hour, how much did he earn that day?
A women is looking for a bigger square office. She finds an office twice the area of her current office. If the perimeter of her current office is 88 feet, how many square feet is the new office?
176 sq ft
If the perimeter of a square garden is 84 feet, what is the area of the garden?
How many feet of chain fence are necessary to enclose a dog pen that is square and has an area of 64sqft
The pet store had 6 puppies selling for $104 each and 12 kittens selling for $24 each. Today, only 2 puppies and 8 kittens we’re left. In dollar terms, what was the ratio of sales of puppies and kittens?
13 to 3
The price of salmon at a fish market is $5.40 per pound. This is 150% of it’s cost at a supermarket. How much would it cost per pound at a supermarket?
A train goes twice as fast downhill as it can go uphill, and 2/3 as fast uphill as it can go on level ground. If it goes 120 mph downhill, how long will it take to travel 45 miles on flat land?
1/2 hour
Jamie just bought two boxes. The first box is square, with each side measuring 10 units, and is 4 units high. The second box is rectangular and has twice the volume of the square box. If the height of the second box is 5 units, and the width is 10 units, what is the length of the second box?
16 units
Each August, a restaurant’s rent is adjusted to the cost of living index. The rent has been 1,550 a month, and the cost of living index for this August was 3.7%. What is the new rent per month?
There are 9 red and 6 green marbles in a bag. A child reaches in the bag and randomly takes one marble. What is the probability pf that child getting a green marble?
Before being painted, a concrete play area was marked off into squares and then into triangles. For the square shown, what is the area of the triangular part labeled XYZ?
if the population of a certain city increased 25% in 2 years, the new population was what percent of the old?
a printing press will print 6,000 copies in 20 minutes. a second press can print 15,000 copies in 60 minutes. how many more copies per minute will the faster press print than the slower press?
Debra and Ian shared in a $1,000,000 estate. If Ian received 125,000, and Debra the rest, what fraction of the estate did Debra receive?
Small most nearly means
a little
Prestige most nearly means
we will long remember our perilous journey
Inept most nearly means
Oppressive most nearly means
“Complexity” most nearly means
Nurture most nearly means
void most nearly means
Fervently most nearly means
Devout most nearly means
Erratically most nearly means
sustain most nearly means
They “consoled” each other after the accident.
the cashier negated the charge of the item
crass most nearly means
Peruse most nearly means
the lens of the eye focuses light rays as they enter the eye. muscles around the lens react to light and change the shape of the lens by expanding or contracting. certain diseases or injury to the lens of the eye can result in blurry vision. according to the paragraph,the lens of the eye is used to
focus light
Your heart’s mitral valve does an awfully big job. Letting blood from the left atrium of the heart into the left ventricle without losing a drop is one of the toughest tasks in the circulatory system. In fact, if the system was suddenly opened at that point the force of the valve closing with send blood 5 feet into the air In this passage the author’s purpose is to?
convince the readers of the stress on the mitral valve
riding the mail plane is a low-budget way to visit america’s largest national park–wrangell-st.elias– 13 million acres of scenic beauty. copper first drew prospectors to this part of alaska. from 1911 to 1938, the kennicott mine produced 200 million tons of it. now a mecca for tourists, the town of kennicott was abandoned to the ghosts when the copper ran out. which of the following illustrates the correct sequence of events?
copper drew prospectors, copper ran out, town abandoned, tourists attraction
Physicists seek out those features of nature that are simple and universal. The secret of their success is not so much a matter of finding answers as it is asking the right questions. The trick is keeping the questions simple and sticking to universal phenomena. Simple questions can be answered unambiguously by careful observation of repeated experiments and by logical thinking. which of the following questions is most clearly an example of the kind discussed in the paragraph?
how fast do stones of a particular size fall?
An allergy is a hypersensitivity to substances that are essentially harmless. For as yet poorly understood reasons, the immune system malfunctions and marshals up an army of antibodies to fight these substances. For many allergies, this malfunction causes a large amount of histamine to flood into the bloodstream. It is overabundance of histamine that causes allergic symptoms such as headaches, rashes, and sneezing. the passage states all of the following about allergies except
medical science does not fully understand why the body has an allergic reaction to certain substances
a period of time is usually measured by comparing it with another period of time.for example, a year on mercury is equal to 88 earth days. a year on uranus is approximately 348 mercury years. according to the passage, the way time is usually measured shows that the time is
weather radar is a great help to pilots in detecting thunderstorms. however, pilots must be aware that radar does not reliably detect hail. radar operates by transmitting a pulse of radio energy and receiving the pulse again after it is reflected by a target. large raindrops, the kind found in intense thunderstorms, are the best radar reflectors and will show up as intense targets on the screen. hail is somewhat porous and has an uneven structure; it tends to absorb or scatter the radar pulse rather than reflect it back to the antenna. according to the paragraph, weather radar does not reliably. detect hail because of
its penetrable surface
according to mark twain, october is a particularly dangerous month to speculate in stocks. others include july, january, september, april, november, may, march,june, december, august, and february. what was mark twain’s point?
october is an especially bad month for speculating in stocks
Physical sound energy is transmitted through the external ear ( the pinna ) and the middle ear to the inner ear, where it creates pressure waves in the fluid of the cochlea. there, hairs on the organ of corti are moved by the pressure waves. the movement of the hairs starts the process by which nerve impulses are generated. where is the organ of corti located?
in the inner ear
An analysis of the mandatory oil quota program shows that separate quotas were established for crude oil and for petroleum products. Petroleum products were divided into light products mostly gasoline jet fuel and desolate and heavy or residual fuel oil products. The quota for crude oil imports was set at approximately 10% of crude oil consumption the passage implies which of the following about the oil quota program?
the quota for residual fuel oil products was the same as for crude oil products
the women’s flying training detachment was the brainchild of jacqueline cochran, the famous flyer. because of the overwhelming demand for qualified men to fly in combat during world war 2, she was able to persuade the army to train women pilots to ferry military aircraft from manufractures to embarkation points for later shipment overseas. the author implies that the primary motivation for establishing a training program for women pilots during world war 2 was the
unavailability of qualified male pilots
what is 5x times (3x^2-5)?
what is the area of a parallelogram if its length is x+4 and its height is x+3?
Simplify 3/5x+x
Graphs of the following equations are straight lines except?
the hypotnuse of a right triangle has a length of 14 units and a side that is 9 units long. which equation can be used to find the length of the remaining side?
the factors of 2x^2+xy-3y^2 are
what is the area of a triangle with a base of 8 feet and a height of 4 feet?
16 square feet
the reciprocal of 3-1/5 is
If 4/3×3/4=5k, then k=?
what does the abbreviation AC stand for?
alternating current
in making permanent electronic connections, use
soldering iron
When current flow is interrupted by a blown fuse, the circuit becomes?
a standard multimeter does NOT measure
this is a symbol for a
this is a symbol for a
utility company power lines carry what kind of current?
when measuring resistance with an ohmmeter,
Disconnect power
in this schematic, the total resistance is
electrical current flowing from one component to the next is an example of what kind of circuit?
When wire conductors are coated with solder, the process is called?
in order to make an electric current flow, it is necessary to have
an ammeter
a device that converts sound waves to electric current is a
Wires are joined together with solder to ensure
Maximum voltage
which of the following can NOT be used to store an electrical charge?
which of the following is a type of resistance in an AC transformer circuit?
the type of electricity used to power a car radio is typically
the most commonly used fuel for running automobile engines are
which of the following is NOT part of a car’s drive train?
Which engine component stores oil for lubrication?
oil pan
the catalytic converter is part of what system?
Emission control system
How many crankshafts are there in a V-8 automobile engine?
The engine flywheel bolts to the?
What kind of wrench should be used to tighten engine components such as a manifolds and cylinder heads?
the function of the master cylinder is to
Apply hydraulic pressure to the wheel cylinders
which of the following part of a conventional distributor?
Coolant flow through an engine is regulated by the ..?
Nails are usually driven into wood with
which of the following uses a penny system to specify its size?
finishing nail
Taps and dies are tools to?
Cut threads for nuts and bolts
which tool is used to bend large sections of sheet metal?
what is placed around a chimney to prevent leaks?
this type of pattern on metal is made by a process called
this type of pattern on metal is made by a process called
Self-tapping screws are primarily used when fastening objects to..?
sheet metal
Anchor bolts are used to hold the?
Rebar to the concrete
which of these does NOT make wood chips when it is used?
drill press
to properly turn wood stock, one should use a
the best saw for accurately cutting 3 inches off the length of a 2 x 8 x 18-inch piece of lumber is a
radial arm sawt
Gear A is the driving gear. If all the teeth are shoot off of Gear B, which gears will turn?
gears A and C
a series of 4 gears (W,X,Y,Z) is driven by pulley V and a belt. if V turns in the direction shown, which gears will rotate clockwise?
Y and X
a box sits on a smooth table. 3 strings are attached to the box, each having a weight of 10 Ibs. attached to the other end. the box will move in direction
4 weights are tied together and hung from the ceiling. what will be the tension in the cord at the point labeled X?
60 pounds
the illustration shows a water tank that is made of wood planks and reinforced metal hoops. why are the hoops closer together near the bottom of the tank?
the water pressure pushing against the sides of the tank is greater near the bottom
Spaces are placed between slabs of concrete in city sidewalks to?
allow for expansion and contraction
is it true that frictional forces…
only operate in vertical directions
This drive pulley always turn
Faster than pulley A or C but not pulley B
a belt passes over a drum and its ends are connected to springs. if the drum rotates in the direction shown and there is friction between the drum and the belt, then
spring 1 will get shorter, and spring 2 longer
a spring will compress 1 inch for every 50 pounds of force that is applied to it. how much force is needed to compress the same spring 10 inches?
500 Ibs
As part A moves to the left, gear C will turn
C. first in direction 1 and then in direction 2
a spring is compressed against a wall by a wooden block that has a force applied to it. if the force is removed from the block,
the block of wood will move to the right
the illustration shows an example of…
an inclined plane
what would you tell the person who is trying to loosen the rusty nut with the wrench?
move your hand farther from the nut

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