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SIDA Badge Test Questions And Answers

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SIDA-Security Identification Area
SIDA-Security Identification Display Area
ID must be displayed at all time in the sterlie area
Airline cockpit crew do not have to show ID in the SIDA
ID must be worn with the photo facing forward at waist level
ID must always wear and display your badge photo facing, above the waist and below the neck
You must follow STOP and WAIT procedures when entering a vehicle security gates
Report suspicious individuals to DPS
You must give your ID badge to the security personnel at vehicle security gates
SIDA approved ID badges are RED and Yellow
The sterile area are areas beyond passenger screning points
Report lost or stolen IDs within 48 hours
Report lost or stolen IDs immediately
If you forgot SIDA badge, you can be escorted to the SIDA
TSA- Transportation safety administration
TSA- Transportation security administration
Security starts with you
Use security doors to bypass security screening
Not challenging to see an airport ID badge is a security violation
Without your SIDA ID, you can be escorted to enter the SIDA
Security starts with TSA
You must give your ID badge to the security personnel at vehicle security gate
If you see a security violation, you must report it to DPS
Piggybacking occurs when more than one employee enter security door without prior ID
SSI can only be shared with family
Who is the Airport Operator?
Massport-Massachusetts Port Authority (MPA). Massport’s Department of Aviation Security is the primary contact for security abd communicates with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Name 2 of the many types of badges generated at the Massport Badge Office at Logan?

SIDA Badge-(Security Identification Display Area)-Allows access into the SIDA areas via company specific doors

PSID Badge-(Public Side Identification)-No access into the SIDA area allowed. All work must be dine before the security checkpoints

TVP-(Temporary Visitor Pass)-Person must be under escort at all times beyond the security checkpoints and can be in the same areas as the escort and use the same doors as the escort

Name 2 of the important phine numbers in the back of your badge

Massport ops/door alarms

State police main number

Massport medical emergency

What does SIDA stand for?
Security Identification Display Area
Where and when must you wear your badge?
Outermost garment
Reasily visible
Between the neck and waistAt all times in the SIDA area (beyond the security checkpoints)


Nane 3 organizations and/or people involved in the security of Logan Airport
You, the employee
State Police
All companies (tenants and contractors) doing business at Logan
What should you do if you see an unattended or suspicious item on the airport grounds?

Do not touch it

Immediately call Massport Operations or State Police

What is the Challenge Procedure?
The process by which individuals with unescorted access contact, approach, or point out to appropriate authorities those individuals present in SIDA areas who are not displaying appropriate airport identification media
Who is responsible for challenging individuals not showing a SIDA badge in the SIDA area?
Every badge employee at Logan
Who should you challenge in the SIDA area?

Anyone not displaying a valid SIDA badge

Anyone displaying a TVP and is without an escort

Anyone exhibiting unusual behavior

What is the first step to take when you approach a badge reader to gain access through a door?
Place your badge directly in front of the badge reader
What are your 2 main responsibilities when going through a secure door?

To make sure you are the only person who enters theough the door

Ensure the door closes securely behind you

What is Piggybacking?
When one individual enters their PIN code into a keypad, opens the door and allows others with a Massport SIDA badge to pass through
How long can you hold a door open before the door will alarm?
No more than 20 seconds
What is your respondibility after putting a door in an over-ride mode?
To stay at the door until the time runs out or until the door is securely closed and out of the over-ride mode
What happens 5 minutes before the over-ride time runs out?
A short alarm will sound warning you the time is running out
What would you do if you walked by a door and the alarm was ringing?
Call Massport Operations, Key Base Department (or have someone else call)
Stand by the door until the State Police arrive
What are the first 3 steps to take if you set off a door alarm in error?

Securely close the door

Stop the alarm by using your SIDA badge

Call Massport Keybase from the door and get instructions from them

What does TVP stand for?
Temporary Visitor Pass
Who must wear a TVP?
Anyone doing business for an employer at Logan beyond the security checkpoint who does not possess a current Massport SIDA badge for that same employer
When does an individual wearing a TVP need to remain with an escort?
When in the SIDA area (beyond the security checkpoint)
If your SIDA badge is lost or stolen or you leave it at home, can you apply for a TVP?
No, you must find it, retrieve it, or not work in a SIDA area until you have a new badge
If your badge is lost or stolen, what are your first 2 steps in getting a new badge?

Notify your Badge Coordinator or the Badge Office immediatly to deactivate the badge

Contact your Badge coordinator to begin the process for obtaining a new badge

When leaving your current employer, when should you return your badge?
To whom should you return your badge to aboid monetary fines?

Return it immediatly

Return it to your company’s Badge Coordinator or the Massport Badge Office directly

What does PSID stand for?
Public Side Identification
Can an employee with a PSID badge pass beyond the security checkpoints?
Can a SIDA badge holder escort a PSID badge holder into a secured area?
What does SAFE stand for in regards to the Massport SAFE program?
Security Awareness for Everyone
What is the SAFE program?
See something, say something
If you violate any rules of the airport, what are 2 of the possible consequences involved?

You can be fined and/or

Your company can be fined and/or

Your badge could be revoked temporarily or permanently

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