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firearm safety certificate

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Firearm safety certificate test answers and terms to learn

A safe practice when handling a
gun is to rest your finger on the
outside of the trigger guard or
along the side of the gun until
you are ready to shoot.True False
To “know your target, its
surroundings and beyond,” you
must consider that if the bullet
misses or completely passes
through the target, it could strike
a person or object.True False
Drinking alcohol while
handling firearms is safe if your
blood alcohol level remains
below the legal limit.True False
Which of the following safety
points should you remember
when handling a gun?A. Never shoot a gun in
B. Do not fire at water,
flat or hard surfaces.
C. Wear ear and eye
protection when shooting a
D. All of the above.
D. All of the above
Toddlers lack the strength to pull
the trigger of a firearm.True False
You may face misdemeanor or
felony charges if you keep a
loaded firearm where a child
obtains and improperly uses
it.True False
There is no such thing as being
too careful with children and
guns.True False
An important lesson children
should learn is that guns are
not toys.True False
The four safety “Rules for Kids”
if they see a gun are:
A. _____________________________
B. _____________________________
C. _____________________________
D. _____________________________
A. Stop
B. Don’t touch
C. Leave the area
D. Tell an adult
Child safety precautions
only apply if you have
children.True False
The importance of the “dangerous
range” is that a bullet can travel
far beyond the intended target.True False
The safety on a semiautomatic
pistol is not foolproof.True False
Just because a cartridge fits into
your firearm does not necessarily
mean it is safe to shoot.True False
In the case of a malfunction,
you should:
A. Keep your finger on the
B. Immediately drop the
C. Try and determine where the
malfunction is.
D. Keep the gun pointed in a safe
D. Keep the gun pointed in a safe
After ensuring a double-action
revolver is pointed in a safe
direction and with your finger off
the trigger, you begin unloading
the firearm by:
A. Opening the cylinder.
B. Locking the slide back.
C. Opening the loading gate.
D. Pushing the magazine release.
A. Opening the cylinder.
Firearm or ammunition caliber
refers to:
A. Barrel length.
B. Magazine capacity.
C. Barrel or bullet diameter.
D. Bullet velocity.
C. Barrel or bullet diameter.
A magazine is part of a:
A. Single-action revolver.
B. Double-action revolver.
C. Semiautomatic pistol.
D. Single-action and a double-action
C. Semiautomatic pistol.
It is important to carefully read all
instructional material you receive
with your firearm.True False
Certain modifications, when made
to a firearm, may void its warranty.True False
It is safe to store a loaded firearm in
your bedside table.True False
Two common firearms safety
devices are trigger locks and cable
locks.True False
Which of the following steps
should be taken to “childproof”
your firearm?
A. Use a firearms safety device
AND store the firearm in a
locked container.
B. Always store your firearm
C. Store ammunition separately
in a locked container.
D. All of the above.
D. All of the above.
It is illegal for a person convicted
of any felony offense to possess a
firearm.True False
To legally give a firearm to your
best friend as a birthday gift, you
must complete the transfer of the
firearm through a licensed firearms
dealer.True False
It is illegal to lend a firearm to a
minor without the permission of
the minor’s parent or legal
guardian.True False
Generally, a person may legally
have a loaded firearm, if
otherwise lawful, at his or her
campsite.True False
It is illegal to buy, sell or
possess a firearm knowing its
identification marks have been
erased or altered.True False


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