Chapter 11 Chemical Reactions Test Answer Key

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The chemical reactions that occur inside the human body are extremely complex. One of the main reactions that occurs is the metabolism of glucose, and another reaction is the detoxification of the liver. The metabolism of glucose is one of the main factors that affect the levels of insulin that are generated by the liver. The metabolism of glucose is also related to a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The human body produces a lot of glucose. This excess glucose is quickly transported to the cells in the body by the blood stream and is rapidly processed into glucose. When the body is in an energy deficit, the body will try to use any glucose it can find. The liver then converts the glucose into the ketone body acetoacetate which then has a very powerful detoxifying effect on the body. In addition to the normal process of conversion, the liver also produces other substances such as urea, bile salts, and purine.

Chemistry chapter 11 Chemical reactions answer key

a whole number that appears before a formula in an equation
spectator ion
a particle not directly involved in a chemical reaction
combustion reaction
a reaction in which oxygen reacts with another substance, often producing light or heat
a starting substance in a chemical reaction
skeleton equation
a chemical equation that does not indicate relative amounts of reactants and products
balanced equation
an equation in which each side has the same number of atoms of each element
activity series
a list of metals in order of decreasing reactivity
a new substance formed in a chemical reaction
decomposition reaction
a reaction in which a single compound in broken down into simpler substances
single-replacement reaction
a reaction in which the atoms of one element replace the atoms of a second element
The triangle symbol over the flame in a chemical reaction
heat is supplied to the reaction
not used up in a reaction
In a double- displacement reaction
positive ions are exchanged between two compounds
the symbol ⇌
the reaction is reversible
a chemical formula written below or above the yield sign indicates
the substance is used as a catalyst


Pearson Chemistry: Describing Chemical Reactions

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