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Protecting Yellowstone

This text is mainly about how the militaryrescued our national parks.
Read this part from the text. From this part, you can tell that the militarychanged the park by bringing in more animals.
Why were the poachers most likely a “lasting problem” for the park?It took a long time to pass laws that made it illegal to poach animals in the park.
Before Capt. Moses Harris arrived at Yellowstone, which two problems were happening at the park?Animals were being poached; Fires were being set.
Read this part of the text. The author helps the reader understand the meaning of the word “poaching” in this part byexplaining what the word means.
Read this part of the text. The words “in chaos” mean the park wasfull of problems.
Capt. F.A. Boutelle did not want Washington toput an elevator in Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon.
Bad park management led tolittle protection of the park’s natural wonders.
At first, the Department of the interiorwas responsible for protecting the park.
Read this part of text. In this part, Harris explains thatall of the geysers have some type of damage.

A Legend From Italy

Legends are stories that teach a moral or lesson. What lesson does this legend teach?True happiness must come from within you.
Which two things does the king offer to but his son?new clothes; a faster horse.
At the end of the story, the young man did…want to get it dirty
Think about what you have read. How are the…Both have everything they want, but neither is happy…
The author most likely wrote this story toteach something to the reader.
Read this part of the story. Why does the king ask for the young man’s shirt?He thinks it will make his son happy.
In the story the king has a problem…His son is not happy.
Read this part of the story. The king’s advisor does…was not truly happy.

For Sports, Games, and More

This selection is mainly abouthow stadiums have developed over time.
The text states it is important for all people in a stadium to be able to see the field. Which feature on a stadium helps make this happen?rows of seats at different levels.
The Colosseum is an ancient Roman stadium. It was sometimes flooded on purpose. Why?so people could act out sea battles from history.
There are three common stadium design…star
What do these two excerpts have in common?Both tell about ballparks that have held different type of events.
Read this part of the text. This part gives you the idea thatwind is an important factor in a baseball game.
This selection can best be described asan informational text.
The word stadium “stadium” comes from the ancient Greek word “station.” A station was two things. What were they?a unit of length; a course used for running races.
Read this part of text. The author uses the word “standard” in the last sentence to mean.regular.
Which statement gives the best summary of this part of the text?Stadiums are designed to be loud places.

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