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Vocabulary Workshop Level G Unit 13 Answers

Level G Unit 13 Choosing the Right Word Answers

facadeWorkers dismantled and cleaned parts of the Parthenon’s exterior __ during recent restoration work on the temple.
mesmerizedThe audience was so quite after the curtain fell that I couldn’t tell whether they were bored or __ by her artistry.
putativePhilologists believe that many Western languages can be traced back to a __ parent tongue known as Indo-European.
engendersA government that fails to create reform __ the social unrest that makes violent revolution inevitable.
affrontedIn my youthful folly, I inadvertently __ the very people whose aid I was attempting to enlist.
captiousThe President must always be on his toes becasue a careless answer to a __ question could land him in political hot water.
facadeIt wasn’t at all hard to recognize signs of extreme uneasiness beneath her __ of buoyant optimism.
ghoulHis unmistakable interest in the gruesome details of the tragedy revealed that he possessed the sensibilities of a _.
decorousHer quite speech, subdued clothes, and __ manner made it hard to believe that she was a famous rock star.
efficacy“Do we have sufficient evidence at hand,” I asked, “to judge the __ of the new method of teaching reading?”
incongruousIt has been said that humor is essentially the yoking of __ elements within a familiar or recognizable framework.
cynosureFor any actor, it is a unique thrill to know that when you are alone on stage, you are the __ of hundreds of pairs of eyes.
contriteIf you had listened to my warnings in the first place, there woud be no need for you to feel __ now.
deignI resent your nasty question about whether or not I will “__ to speak to ordinary students” after I’m elected class president.
desiccatedHe acts like someone whose vital juices have long since dried up, leaving only a drab and _ shell behind.
opprobriumThe __ of history forever attaches itself to the name of Lee harvey Oswald, the assasin of President Kennedy.
machinationsThe book describes in great detail the odious _ involved in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany.
canardThe candidate’s “shocking revelation” about his opponent was later shown to be nothing more than a malicious _.
etherealThe play is so peopled with spirits and other incorporeal beings that it has the _ quality of a dream.
abstruseHe tried to conceal his lack of scholarship and intellectual depth by using unnecessarily __ language.
cognizantLike many people who are completely wrapped up in themselves, she simply isn’t _ of the larger world around her.
mesmerizedThe daring feats of the acrobats on the high wire completely __ everyone in the crowd.
canardsThe 1938 radio broadcast by Orsan Welles that described a Martian invasion is on many lists of the greatest _ of the twentieth century.
etherealSitting in the back of the cathedral, I strained to hear the lovely, __ voices of the children wafting down from the choir loft.
decorousGuests at the formal reception exhibited __ behavior

Level G Unit 13 Synonyms and Antonyms Answers

A FIENDISH interest in deathGhoulishAngelic
The PARCHED desert landscapeDesiccatedLooked over the SOGGY farmland
ESOTERIC concepts developed by expertsAbstruseN/A
STOOPED to give a few interviewsDeignedN/A
CONSCIOUS of our mutual responsibilitiesCognizantN/A
Disliked for his NIT-PICKING tendenciesCaptiousN/A
Foiled the SCHEMES of the villainMachinationsN/A
BEGETS mistrust by covering up mistakesEngendersN/A
Brought SHAME on the whole familyOpprobriumN/A
The JARRING reunion of longtime rivalsIncongruousN/A
The UNREPENTANT ringleaders of the riotN/AContrite
Looked over the SOGGY farmlandN/ADesiccated
The UNSEEMLY appearance of the judgeDecorousN/A
The KNOWN whereabouts of the fugitivePutativeN/A
The ANGELIC statueN/AGhoulish

Level G Unit 13 Completing The Sentence Answers

The longer I study this country’s history, the more cognizant I become of my rich heritage of freedomcognizant
Some historians question whether Benedict Arnold really deserves all the opprobrium he has been accorded as America’s arch-traitor.opprobrium
At the risk of appearing a trifle captious I would like to raise a few small objections to the wording of this proposalcaptious
After the battle, camp followers began the ghoulish process of stripping the dead of whatever valuables they possessed.ghoulish
Some teachers are able to present the most abstruse subjects in terms that are crystal-clear to even the dullest of studentsabstruse
The machinations of the unscrupulous wheeler-dealers involved in that unsavory scandal boggle the imagination.machinations
I didn’t really believe that he was sorry for what he had done until I saw the contrite expression on his sad little facecontrite
The pages of the old book were so desiccated that they began to crumble as soon as we touched themdesiccated
There is not a bast body of evidence that supports the idea that poverty tends to engender crime.engender
To be the cynosure of all eyes could be the joyous fulfillment of a dream or the unhappy realization of a nightmare.cynosure
The only surefire way to establish the efficacy of a new drug in treating a disease is to test it “in the field”efficacy
For more than five minutes she stared at the telegram containing the bad news, as if she were mesmerizedmesmerized
His fantastic stories about his academic, athletic, financial, and romantic achievements are a(n) affront to common sense.affront
Am I supposed to feel honored simply because that arrogant lout sometimes deigns to nod vaguely in my direction?deigns
Except for a balcony built during the Truman administration, the facade of the White House has remained virtually unchanged since it was constructed.facade
What could be more incongruous than the 6 foot 7 inch center on the basketball team dolled up in baby clothes for the class play!incongruous
No one knows for sure who really wrote the scene, but Shakespeare is generally regarded as its putative author.putative
Only a thoroughly naive and gullible person would actually believe every preposterous canard that circulates in this schoolcanard
The child’s conduct during the ceremony may not have been appropriately decorous but it wasn’t horrendous eitherdecorous
The cherubic faces and ethereal voices of the choristers almost made me believe that the music they were singing was coming from heaven.ethereal

Level G Unit 13 Vocabulary in Context Answers

  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. D
  5. C

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