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LETRS Unit 7 Session 1-6 Answers

LETRS Unit 7 Session 1 Answers

With first-grade students, how much instructional time should be spent on English language arts?
2 hours or more
Teachers should depend heavily on the results of screeners such as Acadience Reading K-6 Next to determine what skills should be taught to students.
By second grade, the most effective approach to teaching reading comprehension emphasizes:
all of the above in roughly equal proportion
Which of the following is not a criterion for high-quality text?
relevant to what’s going on that day
One tet of a robust curriculum in grades K-3 is whether, upon walking into a classroom, an observer can tell what students are learning about.

LETRS Unit 7 Session 2 Answers

The students most likelu to benefit from strategy instruction are those who (Select all that apply):
are in grades four and above; have accquired good decoding skills but aren’t familiar with a particular stratgey
The best time to employ strategy instruction is when:
students are ready for it, in the context of lessons with a larger purpose
Which of these steps in the “gradual release of responsibility” of strategy instruction is out of sequence?
The teacher models the thinking process by thinking aloud.
Good readers tend to move on, even when the passage is not making sense to them.
“Imagine what would happen if the polar ice caps melted” is an example of what type of question?

LETRS Unit 7 Session 3 Answers

Well-designed questions (select all that apply):
are text dependent AND focus on the “why” and “how” of a topic
Which of the following is an example of elaborative/questioning?
“Would you have reacted the same way the girl did?”
“How do you know that she liked her new home?” is an example of:
implicit questioning
Teaching comprehension can be accomplished by testing students with multiple-choice questions after they’ve completed independent reading.
Pivotal points to ask questions include places where(select all that apply):
sentences connect to one another; meanings of new words become clear; students should grasp how the text’s discourse is organized.

LETRS Unit 7 Session 4 Answers

What is the purpose of after-reading activities? Select all that apply.
They let students transform the information into a new format; They help students see reading as more than a chore; They check students’ comprehension of key ideas.
According to research, which practice is essential for building an enduring mental model of a text?
reading the text multiple times with varied purposes
Which of the following is an after-reading activity?
summarizing the main ideas from the text
According to research, what macroprocesses help students “own” the information from a text?
selecting, ordering, and transforming the main ideas
Why are after-reading activities effective?
They reinforce the structure and purpose of the text.

LETRS Unit 7 Session 5 Answers

Which of the following statements is true?
Teachers should explicitly teach the text structure of both informational and narrative texts.
When should teachers introduce the purpose of a text?
before the first read
Vocabulary activities before reading should focus primarily on which type(s) of language? Select all that apply.
Tier 2 vocabulary words; figurative languages and idiomatic phrases
An effective reading comprehension lesson will include (select all that apply):
an introduction of background knowledge needed to comprehend the text; a graphic organizer that helps students visualizethe structure of the text; an after-reading activity to transform information from the text into a new format; questions to ask during reading, tied to specific places in the text
Teachers should do all of the following during reading , except:
explicitly teach Tier 2 vocabulary words

LETRS Unit 7 Session 6 Answers

All of the following are features of African AMerican English except:
speakers often form sentences without a subject
What kind of vocabulary instruction may be appropriate for English Learners, but is not usually needed for native English speakers?
definitions and examples for Tier I vocabulary words
Which of the following statements about dialects are true? Select all that apply.
dialects have rules for grammar and punctuation; dialect speakers often have difficulty translating speech into print
What is code swithing?
the ability to switch between a nonstandard dialect and Standard English depending on the situation (NOT A)
What is a best practice when working with dialect speakers?
Build language awareness so that students can code switch between their dialect and Standard English

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