LETRS Unit 8 Assessment Answers

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If a class is at grade level in reading achievement, what can the teacher expect of the class’s writing achievement?
Significantly more students will be proficient in reading than in writing.
What is the main reason why writing is learned slowly and with effort over a long time?
Writing depends on many different motor, language, memory, and cognitive abilities.
Which of the following teaching practices was not recommended in the review of research published by the Institute for Education Sciences (2012)?
Emphasize the individual’s voice in a writer’s workshop model.
What is the most important reason for teaching students how to form letters, spell, and punctuate?
These skills enable better quality and longer compositions.
What would be the best way to begin teaching students how to write a sentence?
Explain that a complete sentence has a subject (the naming part) and a predicate (the action or doing/being part).
If the goal of a lesson was teaching students different types of end punctuation, which activity would be most relevant?
NOT converting sentence fragments into complete sentences and NOT rearranging separate words into complete sentences that make sense
What is likely to be the most helpful support when preparing students to write a narrative?
Teach students to use a Story Grammar graphic organizer to plan their narrative.
Which of the topic sentences below would be most appropriate for teaching students to write a descriptive, informational report about African elephants?
African elephants are large, intelligent mammals who live on the savanna.
Which technique would be least effective for helping students through the reviewing and revising phase of the writing process?
typing the student’s composition so he or she can read it more easily
Which is a practical and valid way to monitor student progress in written composition?
by counting and graphing the correct word sequences (CWS) in a writing probe

How Many Questions Are On The LETRS Unit Assessments?

The LETRS unit assessments typically consist of 10 questions at the end of each unit. Volumes 1 and 2 have four assessments each. There is no time limit for these tests so one can refer to their notes or manual during the process. Your score and incorrect answers become visible as soon as you finish an assessment.

LETRS Assessment Answers

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