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LETRS Unit 5 Assessment Answers

Which term relates to a students ability to use word meanings in both speaking and writing?
expressive vocabulary
In teaching the antonyms and synonyms of a word such as generosity, a teacher would be emphasizing which aspect of language?
Once students have learned to decode printed words, which strand of the Reading Rope model (Scarborough, 2001) is the best single predictor of reading comprehension?
Which conclusion was documented by the Hart and Risley (1995) research team regarding the relationship between home language exposure and later reading comprehension?
The number of words to which preschoolers are exposed predicts their vocabulary knowledge at grade three.
Which of these is the least effective way to foster implicit learning of the vocabulary students need for classroom success?
providing several hours daily of children’s television programs
Good reasons for teaching a few words rexplicitly and in-depth include all of the follwing except:
Students only need to know a few words to understand most texts.
Which of the following is the least effective activity when a new word meaning is being explicitly and directly taught?
Ask students if anyone knows what the word means.
What consideration might distinguish vocabulary instruction for English Learners (ELs) from the vocabulary instruction of native English?
ELs may need more multisensory supports to understand the meanings of words.
The principle of teaching word meanings in relationship to other word meanings is best exeplified by which activity?
explaining shades of meaning among synonyms
Which of these is the most effective, research-supported practice to promote vocabulary growth in students across a school year?
ensure that the teacher regularly uses complex and sophisticated language

LETRS Assessment Answers

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