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LETRS Unit 8 Session 1-6 Answers

LETRS Unit 8 Session 1 Answers

What are the benefits of having students write in response to text? Select all that apply.
It prompts students to reflect on what they have learned; It enables students to connect ideas; It allows students to paraphrase ideas in their own words.
According to the Simple View of Writing, which two categories of skills must students learn to become successful?
foundational skills; higher order composition skills
According to research, which of the following are best practices for writing instruction? Select all that apply.
Allowing students to practice writing every day; explicitly teaching the steps of the writing process; planning writing activities that are cooperative and interactive
What statement best describes effective writing in instruction?
It integrates teaching of foundational skills and composition.
Which statement is not true?
Writing has been shown to improve comprehension of oral language.

LETRS Unit 8 Session 2 Answers

What is the recommended order for teaching letter formation?
Teach lowecase letters first, then uppercase letters.
All of the following are spelling rules and concepts that should be taught in grades 2-3, except:
common Latin and Greek roots
What is dysgraphia?
the inability to write letters by hand because of a communication breakdown between two sections of the brain
For alphabetic writing to be considered automatic, students should be able to write all of the letters from memory in what time frame?
1 minute
What is the best method for determining which hand is a students dominant hand for writing?
See which hand the student uses for fine motor skills (e.g., cutting, eating).

LETRS Unit 8 Session 3 Answers

Which is a best practice for helping beginning writers learn and use different parts of speech in their writing?
Give students question words (e.g., who, what, how) to associate with each element or part of speech.
Which of the following statements is true?
A compound sentence has two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction.
Which is an example of a complex sentence?
I have a dog that likes to bark.
All of the following are coordinating conjunctions that students can use to form compound sentences except:
What is a simple way to explain the meaning of predicate?
It is the action in a sentence (what the subject is doing, thinking, feeling, or being).

LETRS Unit 8 Session 4 Answers

All of the following should be explicitly stated for students when a writing assignment is first introduced except:
c. the spelling and grammar rules that should be followed.
If a student is struggling with letter formation, what helpful support should be provided during translating (drafting)?
a. a letter-formation guide or sample alphabet
In which grade should students begin using transitional words in their writing?
b. first grade
In which grade are students expected to begin incorporating dialogue into their narrative writing?
d. third grade
In kindergarten and first grade, students are able to tell stories most easily about
b. personal experiences.

LETRS Unit 8 Session 5 Answers

“To share a belief or preference” is the purpose of which type of writing?
When color coding informational writing, it is a good practice to use the same color for which two sentences?
the topic sentence and conclusion
Which of the following statements is true?
Peer-review activities should be heavily structuredand focused on positive feedback.
At what point should students be able to use transitions(linking words) to connect their ideas?
second grade
Before teaching opinion or informational writing, it is essential to teach which preliminary skill?
differentiating between fact and opinion

LETRS Unit 8 Session 6 Answers

Which of the following is considered the least useful assessment method for grading young writers?
a. letter grades (A, B, C, D, F)
When grading compositions, which measure has the strongest correlation with the overall quality of the writing?
a. correct word sequences (CWS)
What is the recommended way to capture and assess a student’s ideas if he or she is still in the prealphabetic phase?
b. Have the student orally describe his or her work while the teacher records it in writing.
The means of assessing student writing should be determined once students have completed their writing assignments.
Teachers can help ensure student success in writing by (select all that apply):

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