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LETRS Unit 6 Session 1-6 Answers

LETRS Unit 6 Session 1 Answers

The language comprehension domain of the Reading Rope does not incorporate which of the following?
Language comprehension becomes more important to reading success
After third grade
Which of the following is an example of a reading comprehension product?
Answering a multiple choice question
The text base refers to the literal meanings in a given text.
The best time for teachers to guide students’ thinking, as they construct a mental model, is:
Before, during, and after reading

LETRS Unit 6 Session 2 Answers

Reading comprehension is difficult to assess through formal testing alone.
Which of the following is not a variable in interpreting reading comprehension test results?
State benchmarks in reading proficiency
Students who can answer multiple-choice questions about a passage without needing to read it are nonetheless exhibiting reading comprehension.
Behaviors that indicate problems with language comprehension include (select all that apply):
Confusion about the main idea versus details of a story; inability to maintain focus; telling the events of a story out of order
Which of the following is not considered a strategy for informal observation of oral language comprehension?
Asking students “yes” or “no” questions about a text

LETRS Unit 6 Session 3 Answers

Which of the following statements is not true about background knowledge?
It applies to everything retained in short-term memory.
Background knowledge is not necessary in order for students to develop a detailed schema.
When preparing students to listen to or read a text, it is important to (select all that apply):
Establish a purpose for reading; preview key vocabulary words; evoke or impart background knowledge
Once a schema has been established, it is difficult for people to accept new information that contradicts it.
In preparing to read a text about France, it would be most important for teachers to spend time building and drawing out students’ background knowledge about (select all that apply):
The culture of France; where France is located, and it’s relationship to surrounding countries.

LETRS Unit 6 Session 4 Answers

Which of the following is not a direct factor in text comprehension?
the ability to spell from dictation
Readers who struggle with comprehension may also (select all that apply):
have insufficient working memory; have divergent dialects; lack experience with longer, more formal sentences
A sentence with two complete thoughts that can each stand on their own has a:
compound structure
Raising or lowering the voice while reading aloud can help students determine what kind of punctuation a sentence needs.
Which of the following should students be taught first?
the specific jobs words are doing in sentences

LETRS Unit 6 Session 5 Answers

Which of the following is not correct? A text may lack coherence if:
It is short.
The sentences “They were asked to wait in the living room. They didn’t.” provide an example of:
Which of the following words are examples of subordinating conjunctions? Select all that apply.
because; while
Which of the following activities can be used to help students notice and interpret cohesive devices? Select all that apply.
Ask students to complete the unstated thought in sentences with ellipsis; Ask students to find cohesive devices that explain why, when, or how something occurred during a second or third reading; Circle conjunctions in a text.
Teachers should not expect students to fully understand complex and compound sentences containing conjunctions until fourth grade.

LETRS Unit 6 Session 6 Answers

Which of the following is NOT an example of narrative text?
science textbook
A child is normally able to explain character motives and internal states in a narrative by what age range?
7-11 years
Which of the following is NOT an element of story grammar?
Which of the following are features of informational text? Select all that apply.
often writing in present tense; logical format; density of new ideas and concepts
The topic sentence, “There are three main categories of clouds:high clouds, midclouds, and low clouds” would introduce what kind of informational text?

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