Based On The Grapheme Representing /sh/, Which Word Is Probably From French?

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Question: Based on the grapheme representing /sh/, which word is probably from French?

Quick Answer: Machine.

This question is a part of LETRS Unit 4 Assessment Answers.

Broad Description

The word “machine” is likely to be of French origin.

In English, the grapheme (letter or letters that represent a sound) “ch” often represents the sound /tʃ/ as in “chair” or “cheese.” However, in some words of French origin, the “ch” grapheme represents the /ʃ/ sound, which is the “sh” sound in English. The word “machine” is an example of this.

Words borrowed from French into English often retain their original spellings, and this can lead to unique pronunciation rules. Other examples of French-origin words in English where “ch” represents the /ʃ/ sound include “champagne,” “chute,” and “parachute.”

Resource: Graphemes and Phonemes

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