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Actions To Take When Capture Is Imminent Include

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Question: Actions to take when capture is imminent include. (Select all that apply)

Quick Answer:

  • Leave evidence of presence at capture point
  • Try to retain your personal cell phone
  • Sanitize personal or sensitive materials

This question is a part of SERE 100.2 Pre Test Answers.

Broad Description

The following actions are generally recommended when capture is imminent:

  1. Try to retain your personal cell phone: This could serve as a crucial tool for communication and potentially for navigation if you are able to escape.
  2. Sanitize personal or sensitive materials: If you have any sensitive information, documents, or equipment that could be useful to captors, destroy or dispose of them to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.
  3. Communicate your situation: If it’s safe and feasible to do so, inform your superiors, family, or allies about your situation, including your location and any details about your potential captors.
  4. Leave evidence of presence at the capture point: If you are being moved, leaving evidence behind can help rescuers or investigators determine where you were taken from, which can potentially assist in tracking your movements or identifying your captors.

It’s important to note that these actions should be taken in accordance with the specific guidelines or protocols established by your organization or government.

Resource: Safety and Security Guidelines for Lone Field Workers

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