Who Designates The Process For Transferring Command?

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Question: Who designates the process for transferring command?

Quick Answer: The jurisdiction or organization with primary responsibility for the incident designates the Incident Commander and the process for transferring command.

This question is a part of FEMA IS-100.C Answers.

Broad Description

The process for transferring command is designated by the jurisdiction or organization with primary responsibility for the incident. This could include emergency services, government agencies, or a business or organization, depending on the nature and location of the incident.

When command is transferred, it’s crucial that there is a thorough briefing to ensure that the incoming Incident Commander is fully apprised of the situation. This briefing should include information about the incident history, priorities and objectives, current organization, resource assignments, and any notable safety concerns.

Effective incident management relies on clear lines of authority and an orderly transfer of command. The process for designating and transferring command should be outlined in an organization’s emergency response plan.


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