The Lost Hero AR Test Answers

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Riordan, Rick
AR Quiz No. 140427 EN

Three troubled teenagers, Jason, Piper, and Leo, attend a school for delinquents. However, their world changes when they discover they are demigods and are taken to Camp Half-Blood. Here, they embark on a mission to rescue Hera, who has been imprisoned by Mother Earth.

ATOS Book Level:4.5
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:19.0
Word Count:127859
Series:Heroes of Olympus;

Quiz Answers

During the storm at the Grand Canyon, what did Coach Hedge realize?Dylan was the monster he had been smelling for days.
What did Annabeth notice about Jason soon after they arrived at camp?He had a tattoo on his arm with the letters SPQR.
What truth about himself did Leo think he should keep from everyone?He had the power to summon and resist fire.
After Chiron froze, what did the woman that formed from the mist tell Jason to do?Find her prison and free her, or her captor, King would raise the earth.
What happened to Piper at the campfire on her first night at the camp?She was claimed by Aphrodite.
In Bunker 9, Leo’s heart almost leaped out if his throat when he saw what?A blueprint of the flying ship that he had drawn.
After Jason heard Thalia’s last name, what did he remember?She was his sister.
What unexpected thing did Boreas do after he saw Jason’s tattoo?He changed into his Roman form.
What caused Festus to fall from the sky and crash into the porta-potties?The wiring on his control panel had been frozen.
At Monocle Motors, Leo’s sense of relief was ruined when he noticed what?The powdered remains of a Cyclops shifting and beginning to form again.
While shopping with Jason, Leo, and Piper, Meda revealed that she did what?Used Jane, Piper’s dad’s assistant, to lure Piper’s dad into a trap.
After Festus crashed on the mansion lawn, what did Leo ask his dad to do?Take Festus’s head back to the bunker until Leo could reuse him.
How did Jason defeat Midas?He made the ceiling explode and let rain pour.
According to Thalia, what happened to Jason when he was two years old?Hera claimed him when he was alone with their mother in the park.
When the heroes brought rogue storm spirits to Aeolus, what did they hope for?He would rescind his order that all demigods be killed.
Jason figured out that Enceladus, a giant, could be killed only if what?God and demigod worked together.
What did Piper’s dad do before he and Hedge flew away?He drank the pink liquid that would take away his recent memories.
How did Leo and Piper free Hera from the cage?Piper talked to the cage while Leo cut the tendons with a saw.
Where did Jason come from?A demigod camp that followed the Roman forms of God.
At the council meeting, what did Jason reveal to the public?He was at the other camp and probably didn’t even remember who he was.


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