The House of the Spirits AR Test Answers

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Allende, Isabel
AR Quiz No. 58067 EN

The Trueba family, spanning three generations, grapples with their struggles, passions, and secrets in an unspecified Latin American nation as depicted in this novel.

ATOS Book Level:8.4
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:32.0
Word Count:173405
Topic – Subtopic:Award Winners-Hans Christian Andersen Award; Emotions-Misc./Other; People-Family; Recommended Reading-California Recommended Lit., English, 9-12;

Quiz Answers

Rosa died after sheDrank poisoned brandy that was meant for her father
What did Esteban do after Rosa’s death?He went to the capital and demanded that someone be charged with her murder
When Esteban asked Transito Soto if she would like a present, sheAsked him to lend her fifty pesos
What were Clara’s first words after her nine-year silence?“I’m going to be married soon”
How did old Pedro Garcia rid Tres Marias of the plague of ants?He talked to them and told them to leave
Why did Esteban lash Pedro Trecero Garcia with a whip?He found that Pedro was giving subversive pamphlets to the tenants.
What happened after Esteban was pulled from the rubble of the earthquake?Old, blind Pedro Garcia set Esteban’s many broken bones.
Clara never spoke to her husband again after heStruck her face
What was one reason Jaime wanted to change his last name?His fellow students harassed him after his father became a senator
Blanca left Jean and went home to her mother afterShe broke into his darkroom
When Esteban Garcia came to Trueba’s house, he asked the senator toGive him a recommendation to the police academy
What did Jaime and Esteban do when the mausoleum was finished?They stole Rosa’s coffin from the cemetery
When Alba saw Esteban Garcia at the university, she remembered thatHe had once forcefully kissed her on her birthday
What did Jaime and Alba decide to do with the guns they took from Esteban?Bury them in plastic bags in a secret location
Why did the soldier come to tell Blanca what had happened to Jaime?Jaime had saved the soldier’s mother’s life
After the military coup, Esteban regained Tres Marias andBanned all the tenants from the property
Whom did Esteban ask to help him find Alba?Transito Soto


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