The Candy Shop War AR Test Answers

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Mull, Brandon
AR Quiz No. 119123 EN

Upon meeting the proprietor of a new candy store in town, fifth-graders Nate, Summer, Trevor, and Pigeon are granted a magical candy that grants them extraordinary abilities. However, they soon discover that with these powers come perilous consequences.

ATOS Book Level:5.0
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:14.0
Word Count:96054
Series:Candy Shop War;

Quiz Answers

Who was sent on a mission to kill all the magicians that abuse their powers?John Dart
What grade was Nate Sutter in?5th grade
What was Pigeon’s real name?Paul Bowen
Who were the school bullies?Kyle, Denny, & Eric
Who owned The Sweet Tooth Candy Shop & was a magician that gave the kids candy & told them to give out white fudge to their family & friends?Mrs. Belinda White
What school did the kids go to?Mt. Diablo Elementary
What was Summer, Nate, & Pigeon’s teacher’s name?Miss Doulin
What was the club that Nate had to be initiated in?The Blue Falcons
What was the 1st mission Mrs. White wanted the Blue Falcons to do for her?Go to the museum & steal Hanaver Mills Memoirs (book) & a pocket watch
Who is Mr. Stott?He was a wizard too but at first the Blue Falcons didn’t know he was a wizard; he sold ice cream & candy & had an ice cream & candy wagon (car)-that was his lair
What does Pigeon wear on the 1st day of school?His new leather jacket
What candy does Mrs. White give to the Blue Falcons & what does it do?Moon Rocks-reduces the effect of gravity-they must never bite them but suck on them; they can spit them out & they will return to normal
What happens when the Blue Falcons try to steal the pocket watch & Hanaver Mills’ book from the museum?They drop the book & the face of the pocket watch cracks
What do Melting Pot Mixers do?They temporarily alter your race
What do Shock Bits do?They generate an electric charge inside you that infuses your touch with a burst of energy
What are Whisker Cakes do?Trick candy that makes your hair grow at an unusual rate
How did Pigeon get his name?He started feeding a pigeon at lunch & became friends with it; the pigeon starts eating bread off of Pigeon’s body then he ate it on his head then pooped on him then left him forever
Who does Mrs. White give Flame Outs to?Summer & you put them in your mouth & they emerge as a great ball of fire
What are the 2 Proxy dolls Nate uses?The Surgeon doll & the forty-niner
Who gets trapped in a mirror?Trevor
What does Mr. Stott collect?Teleidoscopes
What is Flatman’s power?He can see through time
What are the Grains of Time?A special hourglass candy that must be consumed in order & fast-Blue; Red; Yellow
The Grains of Time, what does the Blue do?takes you into the past
What does the red do? & yellow?Red takes you into the future & the Yellow gives you temporary dominion over the present
What tombstone was over Hanaver Mills’ grave?Margaret Spencer
Who was it actually that took Nate’s mother’s Explorer?It was Nate when he took The Grains of Time & took the Blue that takes him into the past
What was the ship called that Nate was looking for?US Stargazer because it had a map to find the secret treasure that was hidden beneath their school
What is the name of the farm by the library?Goodman Farm
What candy did Mrs. White give the bully Eric & he used?Creature Crackers
What is Mr. Dart’s weakness & curse?If he gets an injury, he directly inflicts that injury on them; his age process is slow & speeding up how his body heals
What is the treasure the magicians are trying to find?If he gets an injury he directly inflicts that injury on them; his age process is slow & speeding up how his body heals


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