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Josef, a Jewish boy living in 1930s Nazi Germany, Isabel, a Cuban girl from 1994, and Mahmoud, a Syrian boy in 2015, each embark on perilous journeys in pursuit of sanctuary. They confront unthinkable hazards and experience violence and racial and cultural discrimination.

ATOS Book Level5.3
Interest LevelMiddle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points10.0
Word Count65915

Quiz Answers

Question 1: Mahmoud and Waleed turned and found a different way home after they saw:

Answer: a boy with a bag of bread being attacked by two bullies.

Question 2: Isabel traded her trumpet to fisher for:

Answer: two enormous jugs of gasoline.

Question 3: What did the rabbi do before Josef’s bar mitzvah on the ship?

Answer: He asked the captain to take down the portrait of the Fuhrer.

Question 4: After the boy showed Mahmoud’s family a place to stay in the mall, he:

Answer: said they would need life vests for the boat.

Question 5: What did Josef do as the family stood in line for the Cuban doctor?

Answer: He slapped his father hard across the face.

Question 6: What happened after Ivan and Isabel spotted land?

Answer: They discovered the storm had taken the boat to the Bahamas.

Question 7: In Cuba, what did Captain Schroeder say when he returned to the ship?

Answer: The sip had to leave, and he would make appeals to President Roosevelt.

Question 8: What did the Serbian driver do after stopping the taxi on the highway?

Answer: He pointed a gun at Mahmoud’s family, demanded money and made them get out.

Question 9: What did Lito do as the Coast Guard ship neared the Castillo boat?

Answer: He jumped into the ocean and called for help to distract the Coast Guard.

Question 10: Which of these did Frau Rosenberg tell Mahmoud?

Answer: The Nazis had made her mother choose between saving her son or her daughter.


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