Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire AR Test Answers

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Rowling, J.K.
AR Quiz No. 40670 EN

In the fourth novel of his wizard training and coming of Age, Harry Potter desires to experience the life of an average fourteen-year-old wizard. However, being normal is not an option for him, as he is far from ordinary even within the wizarding world. Being different in his case could lead to deadly consequences.

ATOS Book Level:6.8
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:32.0
Word Count:190858
Series:Harry Potter;

Quiz Answers

What was the dream that awakened Harry at the Dursleys’ about?The evil plot Frank Bryce witnessed in the old Riddle House
Who disappeared while on holiday after working at the Ministry of Magic?Bertha Jorkins
What did Winky say she was doing in the Top Box at the Quidditch World Cup?Saving a seat for her master
What did Harry discover after meeting Draco in the woods near the campsite?He had either lost his wand or left it in the tent.
How did Mad-Eye explain the disturbance in his yard?Dustbins ambushed him while he was trying to catch an intruder.
Why had the Triwizard Tournament been discontinued long ago?The death toll had mounted too high.
What was the purpose of the organization Hermione called S.P.E.W.?To stop abuse of house-elves
What did almost everyone wonder after the Goblet chose the fourth champion?How Harry tricked the Age Line and put in his name
What did Hagrid tell the invisible Harry to do in the Three Broomsticks?Wear the cloak and meet him at his cabin at midnight
What made Hermione cry after the champions completed the first task?Ron and Harry began speaking to each other again.
Who did Harry see Hermione with at the Yule Ball?Viktor Krum
What advice did Cedric share with Harry on the night of the Yule Ball?Taking a bath would help him work out the meaning of the wailing egg.
How did Harry know that Bartemius Crouch had broken into Snape’s office?He saw Crouch’s dot on the Marauder’s Map.
What did Harry use to complete the second task of the Triwizard Tournament?Gillyweed
What had Harry done to merit full marks for the second task?He showed moral fiber in rescuing another hostage besides his own.
What happened when Harry and Viktor were discussing Hermione and Harry’s friendship?Mr. Crouch, muttering and gesticulating, staggered out of the forest.
What connected Harry’s and Voldemort’s wands until victims of Voldemort emerged and helped Harry escape?A golden thread of light
How had Barty Crouch’s son escaped from Azkaban?He and his dying mother exchanged appearance, and she took his place.
Why might Dumbledore and Fudge have reached a “parting of the ways”?Fudge did not want to believe Voldemort had regained his power.
To whom did Harry give the Triwizard Galleons?Fred and George for their joke shop.


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