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Della Compares The Watch Chain To Jim: Quietness And Value-the Description Applied To Both

Della compares the watch chain to Jim: “Quietness and value-the description applied to both.” Does this description apply to Jim when he enters the flat? Why?

This question is a part of The Gift Of The Magi questions and answers.


Yes, the description “quietness and value” aptly applies to Jim when he enters the flat. When Jim returns home and sees Della’s shorn hair, he reacts with a stunned silence, embodying the “quietness” that Della associates with the watch chain. He doesn’t express anger, frustration, or disappointment; instead, he’s momentarily speechless, trying to process the sight before him.

This quiet demeanor reflects his calm and composed nature, even in the face of unexpected changes.

The term “value” also fits Jim. Throughout the story, it’s evident that Jim deeply values his relationship with Della. His decision to sell his most treasured possession, the gold watch, to buy a gift for Della underscores the depth of his love and the value he places on their bond.

His actions demonstrate that he values Della’s happiness above material possessions, further emphasizing his intrinsic worth as a loving and selfless partner.

When Jim enters the flat, his quiet, measured reaction to Della’s transformed appearance, coupled with the knowledge of his own sacrifice for her, perfectly encapsulates the “quietness and value” that Della sees in the watch chain and, by extension, in Jim himself.

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