What Is The Response To An Incident Such As Opening An Uncontrolled DVD On A Computer In A SCIF?

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What is the response to an incident such as opening an uncontrolled DVD on a computer in a SCIF?

  • All of these
  • Notify your security POC
  • Analyze the media for viruses or malicious code
  • Analyze the other workstations in the SCIF for viruses or malicious code

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The correct answer is all of these.

In case of an incident such as opening an uncontrolled DVD on a computer in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), the protocol demands a structured response to ensure the security and integrity of the information and systems within the SCIF. Here are the steps usually followed, as gathered from various sources:

  1. Notify Your Security Point of Contact (POC):
    • The first step is to inform your security point of contact (POC) about the incident. This is crucial to ensure that the relevant security personnel are aware of the situation and can take appropriate actions to mitigate any risks​.
  2. Analyze the Media for Viruses or Malicious Code:
    • Examining the uncontrolled DVD for any viruses or malicious code that could potentially harm the systems or compromise sensitive information​is imperative.
  3. Analyze Other Workstations in the SCIF for Viruses or Malicious Code:
    • Besides analyzing the media, it’s also necessary to check other workstations within the SCIF for viruses or malicious code to ensure that no contamination has occurred​.
  4. Report and Investigate the Incident:
    • In the broader policy framework, any suspected security incidents or violations within GSA-controlled SCIFs should be reported and investigated as per the established protocols. This may involve assessing the extent of the incident, identifying any compromised information, and taking corrective measures to prevent such incidents in the future​.

The above steps are part of the standard procedure to maintain the security and integrity of the SCIF environment. Following these steps ensures that any potential risks are identified and mitigated promptly, maintaining the secure nature of the SCIF.


  1. Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility Use (SCIF) Policy

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