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ServSafe Manager Practice Test

Obtaining your ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification is essential for food service managers. This credential, administered by the National Restaurant Association, demonstrates your comprehensive knowledge of food safety principles and best practices.

Earning the ServSafe Manager certification requires passing a challenging multiple-choice exam. The questions assess your understanding across key food safety areas such as:

  • Preventing cross-contamination
  • Time and temperature control
  • Cleaning/Sanitizing procedures
  • Facility/Equipment maintenance
  • Food safety management systems
  • Regulatory compliance

Properly preparing with practice tests is crucial for exam success. On this page, we provide a comprehensive ServSafe Manager practice test featuring XXX questions covering all the core exam domains.

Taking this free practice test allows you to:

  • Identify your strengths and which areas need further study
  • Familiarize yourself with the exam question formats
  • Apply your food safety knowledge to analyze real-world scenarios
  • Gauge your preparedness for the actual certification exam

Each practice question includes the answer and a detailed explanation to reinforce important food safety concepts.

Free ServSafe Manager Practice Test

What is the temperature danger zone where bacteria can multiply rapidly?
Which of these is NOT a type of contamination?
What is the first step in the HACCP system?
What is the approved way to thaw frozen food?
What is the minimum internal temperature chicken breasts must reach?
After cooking, how quickly must food be cooled from 135°F to 70°F?
What is required for proper handwashing stations?
How often must cutting boards be sanitized?
What is the minimum final rinse temperature for a high temp dish machine?
Which should be included in an employee food handler training?
Food safety inspections should be conducted:
If a foodborne illness is suspected, you should:
Food labels must include:
Cold food must be received at:
Food safety logs must be kept for:
You receive a delivery of raw chicken. Some packages are leaking and the chicken feels warm to the touch. What should you do?
During food prep, an employee drops a knife on the floor then picks it up and keeps working. What should you do?
The walk-in cooler isn't holding food below 40°F. You:
An employee was ill with vomiting yesterday. They feel better today. You should:
During an inspection, you find mouse droppings near dry food storage. The best solution is:
What is the most important reason for managing food safety risks?
Which pathogen is most commonly associated with raw poultry?
At what minimum internal temperature should ground beef be cooked to ensure safety?
During which activity is cross-contamination most likely to occur?
What is the primary reason food handlers must wash their hands before handling food?
What is the maximum acceptable receiving temperature for fresh poultry?
What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for eggs that will be served immediately?
What is the correct order of steps for cleaning and sanitizing utensils?
What is the first action you should take when you discover evidence of rodent infestation?
What is a critical control point in a HACCP plan?
When should food handlers who wear gloves wash their hands?
Which of the following foods is considered a TCS food?
Which action is recommended to prevent allergic reactions?
What is the danger zone temperature range in which foodborne pathogens grow most rapidly?
Which of the following is true about sanitizing?
Which symptom requires a food handler to be excluded from the operation?
What is the first step in developing a successful receiving program?
What must food handlers do to food immediately after thawing it in the microwave oven?
Which agency enforces food safety in a restaurant?
What is the most effective method of pest control in a food service operation?
What should you do if you cut your hand while prepping food?
How frequently should food contact surfaces be sanitized?
What is the best way to calibrate a food thermometer?
If the air temperature of a hot holding unit reads 130°F, what should you do?
During preparation, ground beef is left at room temperature for over 4 hours. What is the appropriate corrective action?
What is the minimum internal temperature that fish should be cooked to?
Which pathogen is associated with rice and improperly cooled foods?
When using a chemical sanitizer, what checklist should you follow?
If the air temperature of a refrigerator reads 50°F, you should:
During an inspection, you find fruit flies near the bar area. The best solution is:
What is the first challenge operations have when it comes to food safety and why?
What is the second challenge operations have when it comes to food safety and why?
What is the third challenge operations have when it comes to food safety and why?
What is the fourth challenge operations have when it comes to food safety and why?
What is the fifth challenge operations have when it comes to food safety and why?
What is the sixth challenge operations have when it comes to food safety?
What is the seventh challenge operations have when it comes to food safety?
What is the cost of foodborne illnesses?
What is the first category of contaminants?
What is the second category of contaminants?
What is the third category of contaminants?
What is the first group of people that have a high risk of getting a foodborne illness?
What is the second group of people that have a high risk of getting a foodborne illness?
What is the third group of people that have a high risk of getting a foodborne illness?
What is the first step to preventing foodborne-illness outbreaks?
What does the F in FAT TOM stand for?
What does the first T in FAT TOM stand for?
What is the second T in FAT TOM?
What is anaphylaxis?
How many Americans have a food allergy and how many of those cases result in hospitalization each year?
How do food labels help you when it comes to allergies?
How should you properly thaw frozen food?
What is the minimum internal temperature pork must reach?
Which illness is associated with Staphylococcus aureus?
How long can potentially hazardous hot food be left in the danger zone during service?
If you observe sewage backup in the kitchen, you should:
What should you do if a food delivery truck arrives and the driver shows symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea?
How frequently should you change ventilation hood filters?
Which pathogen is commonly associated with unpasteurized juice?
If there is a fire in the kitchen, what should you do first?
Which of these is an approved integrated pest management technique?
Your restaurant has an upcoming health inspection. You discover mouse droppings in the dry storage area near some sealed food packages. Which is the best course of action?
You receive a delivery of refrigerated potentially hazardous foods like meat, dairy and cut produce. The delivery truck didn't seem refrigerated and you measure temperatures between 45-50°F. What should you do?
An employee has been feeling fatigued with a low-grade fever. They report recently being diagnosed with norovirus by their doctor after falling ill. How long must they be symptom-free before returning to work?
Your restaurant has changed its process for cooling large batches of hot food. Instead of shallow pans, you now use a food-grade plastic container to cool soups, sauces, etc. What is a critical factor for safe cooling with this new method?
An employee drops a plate of food on the floor. There are no other safety violations. Which is the most appropriate corrective action?
Your restaurant has a hot holding cabinet that is malfunctioning and only reaches 120°F. You have beef dishes that have been holding for 3 hours. What should you do?
You are thawing frozen chicken in the cooler on a drain pan. During prep, an employee knocks over the pan, splattering raw chicken juice across nearby food containers and surfaces. What should you do?Clean and sanitize the area/containers, then cook the chicken fully
A power outage occurs at your facility overnight. In the morning the refrigerator is reading 60°F and freezer is 50°F. What is the best action?
An employee wearing nail polish is preparing food with their bare hands. Which statement is true?
Check Answers
Exam DetailsDescription
Exam NameServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Exam
Exam PurposeCredentialed food safety certification for food service management personnel
Exam AdminstratorNational Restaurant Association
Exam FormatMultiple choice questions
Number of Questions90 questions
Exam Duration2 hours
Passing Score75% or higher (68 correct out of 90)
Exam Content– Food safety principles (22%)
– Food preparation, cooking, and cooling (26%)
– Food service facilities (18%)
– Food safety management (22%)
– Regulatory compliance (12%)
Exam LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French Canadian
Exam ValidityCertification is valid for 5 years
Exam Fee$38 plus instructor/proctor fees

Tips for the ServSafe Manager Certification Exam

The ServSafe Food Protection Manager exam is challenging, but preparing thoroughly and employing good test-taking strategies can increase your chances of success.

Content Mastery

  • Review the entire ServSafe Manager book and any instructor materials thoroughly.
  • Focus on fully understanding the key food safety principles, rather than just memorizing definitions.
  • Be able to apply concepts to analyze scenarios about proper food handling, sanitation, facilities, and more.

Question Strategies

  • Read each question carefully, looking for key words like “except”, “best”, “first”, etc.
  • Eliminate any obviously incorrect answer choices first.
  • If guessing, choose the most plausible and comprehensive answer.

Time Management

  • Get plenty of rest the night before your exam.
  • Bring a non-graphing calculator and light snacks/drinks if permited.
  • Keep an eye on the time, avoiding getting stuck too long on any one question.
  • Mark any questions to come back to if running out of time.

Exam Procedures

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes early with proper ID.
  • Follow strict testing center regulations on approved items.
  • Ask proctor if you have questions about marking answers properly.
  • When finished, review and change any answers before submitting.

After the Exam

  • Your exam will be scored, and grade provided before leaving.
  • If unsuccessful, identify weak areas and re-study before re-taking.
  • Once passed, receive official certification within 7-10 business days.

Maximize your ServSafe Manager exam preparation with content mastery and strategic test-taking approaches. Practice tests, like the one on this page, can help you feel confident and ready.

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