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Katherine the Great Achieve 3000 Answers

Lexile: 1380

Answer Key

What is a cause and effect relationship that takes place in the Article?Because Katherine Johnson was proficient at math, she was hired as a “human computer” for NASA and
earned a reputation for the accuracy of her calculations.
The best alternate headline for this Article would be __.From Prodigy to Math Hero, Katherine Johnson’s Life Is Proof That Anything Is Possible
Which of these had not yet happened when this Article was written?Katherine Johnson released an autobiography titled Reaching for the Moon
Which is the closest antonym for the word indubitably, as it is used in the Article?Doubtfully
This Article would be most useful as a source for a student research project on __.Groundbreaking women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math
Based on the Article, the reader can infer that __.Many young people, especially those who have experienced race or gender discrimination, will likely find Katherine Johnson’s autobiography inspirational.
Which passage from the Article best supports the notion that Katherine Johnson’s work at NASA was more
important than most astronauts likely realized at the time?
Without NASA’s space program, which her calculations helped advance, we wouldn’t have the technology necessary for things like satellite TV, sophisticated meteorology, and small computers (like laptops and iPhones).
Which would be the closest antonym for the word proficient, as it is used above?Incompetent

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