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The Last Generation Achieve 3000 Answers

Lexile: 1380

Answer Key

What is a cause and effect relationship that takes place in the Article?Because Pacific Island countries contribute only a minor proportion of the world’s carbon emissions,
reducing air pollution on the islands is unlikely to significantly impact the amount of carbon worldwide.
The Article primarily discusses __.the effect of climate change on the Pacific Island nations, and the Pacific Blue Shipping Partnership, in
which carbon-free technologies will be used to significantly reduce carbon emitted by cargo ships that deliver goods to the islands
Which is the closest antonym for the word exemplary?abhorrent
Which information is not in the Article?Why the Pacific Blue Shipping Partnership includes only some of the countries that make up the Pacific
Islands rather than all of them
Why did the author include this information?To explain why the Pacific Island countries developed a plan for reducing carbon emissions from cargo ships
rather than emissions from other sources
Which is the closest synonym for the word disparate?dissimilar
What is one inference the reader can make from the Article?Countries that emit high levels of carbon cause negative consequences not only in their own backyards but around the entire world
Which passage from the Article best supports the belief that the threat to the Pacific Islands resulting from
climate change is critical?
What if your home, and even the land it stood on, was gone forever? This isn’t the plot of a fantasy movie or
the premise of a video game—it’s a painfully real possibility faced by people living in the Pacific Islands.
Rising sea levels, due to the advent of climate change, threaten the very existence of these island nations, and young people whose families have deep roots on the islands are starting to wonder if they will be the last generation.

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