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Good, Bad, or Ugly? Achieve 3000 Answers

Lexile: 1380

Answer Key

According to the Article, what is one reason why skeptics believe ugly produce companies aren’t being completely forthcoming in their messaging?Ugly produce companies may fail to mention that ugly fruits and vegetables are also utilized on farms and in the food industry.
Which of these is most important to include in a summary of this Article?Ugly produce start-ups say their mission is to prevent billions of pounds of imperfect produce from needlessly going to waste each year.
Which of these is a fact?Ugly produce companies not only sell fruits and vegetables that may have been rejected by supermarkets, but they also deliver them right to customers’ doorsteps.
Which is the closest synonym for the word delectable, as it is used in the Article?Scrumptious
The author probably wrote this Article in order to __.Offer readers both sides of a debate about ugly produce start-ups, their intentions, and whether these companies are doing more harm than good
Which passage from the Article best supports the opinion that imperfect produce companies are only concerned with what’s best for their own profits?Case in point: Many local farmers across the country had already been selling boxes of imperfect produce
directly to consumers and farmers markets for years before the ugly produce companies started sprouting up.
Critics complain that because the start-ups can provide a wide assortment of fruits and veggies from large farms around the country, it’s gotten difficult for small farms to compete with these marketing machines—and the farmers are losing profits fast.
Which would be the closest synonym for the word skeptics, as it is used above?Cynics
Based on the Article, which is most likely to happen?As more consumers start buying goods from ugly produce start-ups, some supermarkets may consider adding imperfect produce to their grocery aisles.

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