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Lexile: 1380

Answer Key

What is this Article mainly about?Every year, The Strong National Museum of Play inducts video games that have had a substantial influence on the gaming industry into its World Video Game Hall of Fame.
Which is the closest synonym for the word canon, as it is used in the Article?Assemblage
Which of these is a statement of opinion?Video games that offer continuous action such as Super Mario Kart are more enjoyable to play than static screen games like Microsoft Solitaire.
Based on information in the Article, in what way do Super Mario Kart and Microsoft Solitaire contrast?Only Microsoft Solitaire was designed to teach players a valuable computer skill.
Which two words are the closest synonyms?Hallowed and venerated
Why did the author include this passage?To describe The Strong National Museum of Play’s standards for selecting inductees into the World Video Game Hall of Fame
Which passage from the Article best supports the idea that a game should have significantly impacted the gaming industry in order to be inducted into the hall of fame?Microsoft Solitaire, for instance, has likely been installed on more than 1 billion computers around the world since 1991. Based on a centuries-old card game, it was both popular and influential and even taught computer users how to use a new device—the mouse.
Based on the Article, the reader can predict that __.Next year’s inductees into the World Video Game Hall of Fame may not be the most popular games available at the time.

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