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COP1000 Final Exam Multiple Choice Answers

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The Central Processing Unit (CPU)The part of the computer that runs programs
RAMThis is a volatile type of memory that is used only for temporary storage while a program is running
BinaryIn a(n) ____ numbering system, all numeric values are written as sequences of 0s and 1s
ASCIIA set of 128 numeric codes that represent the English letters, various punctuation marks, and other characters is called?
Source codeWhat term do we use to refer to the following code?
int newValue = 143;
int main() {
printf(“%d”, newValue);
return 0;
Machine LanguageComputers can only execute programs that are written in ____
ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit)This digital circuit is used to perform arithmetic and logic operations, and is a sub-component of the CPU
Source Code —-> Linked Code —–> Object Code —–> Executable CodeWhich of the following is typically the proper flow of compilation, beginning from the top (the code you write) down (to the code that can be executed by the computer.
8How many bits are in a byte?
0 = Off / False<br>1 = On / TrueIf a bit can either be a 1 or a 0, what do the values typically represent in computer science?
OperandsIn the expression 75 + 13, the values on the right and left of the + symbol are called
assignment statementA(n) ______ sets a variable to a specified value.
String literalIf we surround a string of characters with quotes, we call this a _______
flowchartA ____ is a diagram that graphically depicts the steps that take place in a program.
modulusWhat is the correct name for division by remainder only?
commentsShort notes, often characterized by a // or a / / , that explain how a program works are called
doubleA data type capable of handling real numbers, i.e. 3.434343, etc.
algorithmA(n) is a set of well-defined logical steps that must be taken to perform a task
callYou ____ the module/function to execute it
local variableA ____ is a variable that is declared inside a module/function
decisionA _____ structure can execute a set of statements only under certain circumstances
single alternative decisionA sequence structure that provides one alternative path of execution
decision structureIn pseudocode, the If-Then statement is an example of a decision structure
relational operatorsThe symbols >, <, and == are all relational operators
Boolean operatorsThe symbols ||, &&, and ! are all Boolean operators
FalseThe || operator means Boolean OR
AND operatorA compound expression created with the AND operator is true only if both of its sub-expressions are true
NOT operatorThe NOT operator take a Boolean expression as its operand and reverses its logical value
If-Then-Else statementA statement used in pseudocode to write a dual alternative decision structure
condition-controlled loopA loop that uses a true/false condition to control the number of times that it repeats
count-controlled loopA loop that repeats a specific number of times
pretest loopThe while loop is a pretest type of loop
FalseIt is not possible to create nested loops
++The character used to increment by the value of 1
TrueA while loop is often more efficient when comparing integers
posttest loopThe Do-While loop is a posttest type of loop
pow()The math function that calculates exponential values
length functionThe function that returns the length of a string
sqrt()Calculates the square root of a value
pow(3,2)Raises 3 to the power of 2
Random FunctionDoes not create true randomness
toUpper()Forces strings into uppercase
toLower()Forces strings into lowercase
Type Mismatch ErrorOccurs when assigning a value of one data type to a variable of another data type
Size DeclaratorAppears in an array declaration and specifies the number of elements in the array
Named ConstantsSpecifies the size of an array
ElementAn individual storage location in an array
0The first subscript in an array
3, 5, 7, 1, 0Output of code: int arr[5] = { 3, 5, 7, 1, 0}; int i; for (i = 0; i <5; i++) {print(arr[i]);}
Reverse PrintingStart from the last element and decrement to the first
AddressA pointer points to the address of another variable
Sorting AlgorithmRearranges the values stored in an array
AscendingArray sorted from lowest to highest
DescendingArray sorted from highest to lowest
Bubble SortCauses larger values to gradually move towards the end of the array with each pass
Selection SortLocates and moves the smallest value to element 0, then locates and moves the next smallest value to element 1
Insertion SortSorts the first two elements, then moves the third element to its correct position relative to the first two elements
Sequential searchThis search algorithm steps through the entire array, beginning at index 0 (subscript 0) and ending at the last index in the array. If a match is made, it returns the value and index location of the match.
Binary searchThis search algorithm repeatedly divides the portion of the array being searched in half.
Sequential searchThis search algorithm is suitable for small arrays, but not large arrays. It does not have to be sorted.
Binary searchThis algorithm requires the array’s contents to be sorted.
What type of programming is centered on the procedures or actions that take place in a program?Procedural
What type of programming encapsulates data and functions together in an object?Object oriented
What software entity contains both data and procedures?Objects
The variables, arrays, or other data structures that are stored in the object are known as the object’sFields
The procedures that the object performs are known asMethods
The programmer determines the fields and methods of an object and creates the ______ code.Class
The class _________ starts with the word Class followed by the name of the class.Definition
What is the term used for the fields and methods that belong to a class?Members
The word Private that appears before a field declaration, in a class definition, is known as a(n) ____________.Access specifier
The mutator methods are sometimes calledSetters
Which interface allows the user to interact with the operating system and other programs using graphical elements?Graphical User
What type of interface displays a prompt, and the user types a command which is then executed?Command Line
The __________ are small windows that display information and allow the user to perform actions.Dialog boxes
What is the term used when a GUI program responds to the actions of the user?Event-driven
The GUI components are known as _________________ and widgets.Controls
GUI components have a set of _______________ that determine how the component appears on the screen.Properties
What is the term used for the code that responds to events and allows a GUI program to respond to an event?Event handler
What GUI component should be used if the user wants an area in which to type a single line of input from the keyboard?Text box
A component’s ______________ control the visual characteristics that are displayed on the component.Specifiers
The items that appear in a program’s graphical user interface are known as _______________.Shapes
Processing a large number of items in a(n) ________ is usually easier than processing a large number of items stored in separate variables.Array
What is the term used for the number inside the bracket that specifies the number of values that an array can hold?Size declarator
Access the individual elements in an array by using their _____________.Subscripts
In the following declaration, what is the data type of the elements of the array? Declare Integer numbers [SIZE]Integer
Every element in an array is assigned a unique number known as a ______________.Subscript
Which of the following statement is true about the statement below? Declare Integer score [5] = 83, 92, 78, 94, 71This is an array declaration and initialization
What is the subscript for the data value 92 in the example given below? Declare Integer score [5] = 83, 92, 78, 94, 71One
The expression score[5] is pronounced _____________________.Score of sub 5
Which of the following array declarations would be best suited for storing the retail prices? Declare Real retailPrice[SIZE]Declare Real retailPrice[SIZE]
What type of error occurs when a loop iterates one time too few or one time too many?Off-by-one error
A list of operations that is displayed on the screen is called a(n) _______________.Menu
The acronym GUI stands for _____________.Graphical user interface
What is the structure that is needed to process a menu selection?Decision
Which statement provides a Default section to validate the user’s menu selection?Case
A(n) _______ program always starts off by displaying a list of operations the user can select from.Menu-driven
Which loop is a posttest loop such that the menu is displayed at least once?Do-while
What type of menu first displays the main menu and then, based on the user’s selection, displays a submenu?Multiple level menu
Menu-driven programs should be broken down into ________ that perform individual tasks.Modules
What is capable of performing several tasks and allows the user to select the task?Menu-driven programs
What is the method used to make sure that valid selections are processed?Input validation loop, Including the Default clause in the case structure, Use of an Else clause

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