The Julian Chapter: A Wonder Story AR Test Answers

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Inspired by the book WONDER, this brief narrative delves into Julian’s perspective, revealing the reasons behind his behavior towards Auggie and providing an opportunity for redemption. This tale can be found within the collection AUGGIE & ME: THREE WONDER STORIES. [source]

ATOS Book Level4.3
Lexile Book Level680L
Interest LevelMiddle Grades (MG 4-8)
Word Count:21741

Quiz Answers

Question 1: After Mr. Tushman called to ask Julian to be a welcome buddy, Mom:

Answer: said it was an honor that Julian had been chosen and raved about Mr. TUshman.

Question 2: What did Mr. Tushman tell the welcome buddies before they met Auggie?

Answer: If they don’t know how to act in a situation, they should just be kind.

Question 3: The night after meeting Auggie Pullman, Julian began:

Answer: having nightmares.

Question 4: Mom finally began to understand Julian’s difficult situation when she:

Answer: looked at his class picture.

Question 5: What was a result of Jack Will punching Julian in the mouth?

Answer: Mom declared war on Mr. Tushman, Auggie, and all of Beecher Prep.

Question 6: Julian received a two-week suspension from school for:

Answer: leaving harassing notes in Auggie’s locker.

Question 7: What did Julian notice when he returned to school after the suspension?

Answer: He was an outsider, and Auggie had become popular.

Question 8: What was NOT true of Tourteau, the boy after whom Julain was named?

Answer: His home had been in the sewers of Paris.

Question 9: In Grandmere’s story, why hadn’t she followed the partisan into the woods?

Answer: She didn’t want to run her beautiful new red shoes.

Question 10: Grandmerer’s story about Tourteau prompted Julian to:

Answer: write an apology note to Auggie.

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