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Dallas, Sandra
AR Quiz No. 173571 EN

Tomi, a twelve-year-old girl of Japanese descent, and her family are separated and relocated to internment camps in New Mexico and Colorado following the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. This is a result of the United States government’s internment policy against Japanese Americans during World War II.

ATOS Book Level:4.3
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:6.0
Word Count:41907
Topic – Subtopic:Historical Fiction-Historical Fiction (All); History-World War II Era; History-American/U.S. History; People-Asian American People;

Quiz Answers

What was the first thing Mom did after the FBI took pop?
She threw papers, pictures, and her best kimono into the stove

After leaving Santa Anita, Tomi’s spirit lifted when ———.
She heard her family would be going to a place where it snowed

How did mom earn money in the camp?
She taught quilting class

Who enabled Helen to attend classes?
Mrs.Hayashi offered to care for Helen’s youngest brother Carl

Although it first brought tears, what finally caused unhappy Helen to smile?
She saw the Christmas tree outside the window

In the drugstore, what did Dennis do after talking to Tomi and Ruth?
He agreed to take the rest of their quilt-raffle tickets

Pop angrily left the dance after
Roy and Royals launched into America

In the letter that pop did not immediately share, what had Roy written?
He thanked pop for sending the lucky silver dollar

What did Mrs.Glessner do with Tomi’s essay for the contest?
She had it sent in with Ellis school entries

What had Martha done while Tomi was away?
She made an army uniform for Tomi’s doll


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