The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game AR Test Answers

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Lewis, Michael
AR Quiz No. 114311 EN

The book chronicles the journey of Michael Oher, a football player at the University of Mississippi, who was brought up by a mother addicted to crack and later adopted by a wealthy family when he was 16. The book also delves into the growing significance of the offensive left tackle in football.

ATOS Book Level:7.2
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:19.0
Word Count:108886

Quiz Answers

When professional football first began, what does Lewis claim was at the center of the game?Running
How long is the history of the game of football given by Michael Lewis?40 years
When Michael is psychologically evaluated, at what age does the doctor claim Michael’s rate of knowledge is?7 years old
During what year will Michael start as a freshman at the college of his choice?2005
What does Antonio tease Michael about, causing Michael to violently attack his friend?The Tuohy family
Who does Walsh replace Montana with during his game against Doleman?Steve Young
After Michael is found guilty of injuring the young boy, what is his criminal sentence?10 hours of community service
What happens to the salaries of quarterbacks after Walsh introduced his theory of offense?Their salaries began to rise
Which of the Tuohy family members is considered the most well connected and can get Michael anything he has ever wanted?Sean Sr
At the championship game, why does Coach Freeze decide to call for a new play, that none of the players have previously practiced?Because he is bored at repeating the same play over and over
What is holding Michael back from being eligible to attend college?His grades
What does Leigh Anne steal to use in Michael’s high school yearbook?A baby picture
When analyzing Michael’s performance on the field, what is the one thing Coach Freeze believes he is lacking?Motivation
When Michael is out of school, how many hours per day does he play basketball, practicing to be a famous athlete one day?12
Which division is Michael’s football team included in?Division 1
Who does Michael move in with, providing the 1st stable home he has ever lived in?Sean Tuohy
Whose presence in the hospital room gets the strongest reaction from Michael?The nurse
What crime does Big Tony catch Michael committing at Briarcrest?Stealing
Who uses Michael’s success to negotiate a new job for himself?Coach Freeze
When Michael lifts a nose tackle off the ground during a game, how far does he throw him?10 yards
After Michael’s first Egg Bowl, who is fired from the Ole Miss team?Coach DeLone
After Michael is taken out of his mother’s home, how long does he refuse to go to school?For 18 months
Which athlete did Michael admire most as a child?Michael Jordan
Which team wins the championship game at the end of Michael’s first high school football season?Briarcrest
What position did Coach Long play in during his time in the NFL?Left tackle
What college did Michael attend?Ole Miss
What were the names of the Tuohy children?Collins and Sean Jr
What name did Michael NOT liked to be called?Big Mike
Why did Michael want a driver’s license?So he would have something to carry around with his name on it
Who was Michael’s tutor that told his bodies were buried under Tennessee’s field?Miss Sue
Who was the head coach when Michael played at Ole Miss?Coach Orgeron
Why did the NCAA investigate Michael?To make sure boosters weren’t giving Michael extra benefits to get into Ole Miss
Who changes football due and essentially creates the “blind side”?Lawrence Taylor
How did Leigh Anne teach Michael about football?By comparing football to his family
What was Michael’s job when playing football?to protect the blind side


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