The 5th Wave AR Test Answers

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What happened before the 5th Wave?
Before the 5th Wave, all electronics on earth were destroyed, there was total destruction on every coastline in the world, a modified Ebola virus wiped out more than seven billion people, and some humans were hosts to alien forms.
How did Cassie’s parents die?
Cassie’s mother died from the Ebola virus in the second wave and her father was killed by soldiers in the fourth wave.
Why does Cassie run from Them?
Cassie runs from Them because they are aliens who only look human. They roam the country killing anyone they see.
What did Cassie promise to Sammy?
Cassie promised her little brother Sammy that she would come for him at the military base where the soldiers took him after their father’s death.
Who rescues Cassie when she is sick after being shot?
A boy named Evan rescues Cassie when she is sick after being shot.
What does Cassie suspect about Evan?
Cassie thinks Evan might be the Silencer who shot her.
Why was it important to the story that soldiers raided the refugee camp where Ben was living?
After the raid, Ben is taken to a military camp where he is given medications that cure him of the Ebola illness and allow him to continue living.
What happens to Ben in the airplane hangar?
In the hangar a tracking device is implanted in Ben.
What kind of snacks does Parker bring to Sammy on the bus?
Parker brings Sammy gummies.
How does Ben get out of the hospital located below the hangar?
Ben calls Kistner to help him. He then knocks Kistner unconscious, steals his scrubs. and uses a scalpel to remove his transmitter.
Why does Ben want to go out and kill the aliens?
Ben is seeking revenge because the aliens destroyed his family, including his little sister, and left him with nothing to live for.
Who tells Ben that the soldiers at the base, including Vosch (the camp’s commander), have been lying to them?
Ringer tells Ben about the lies.
Why does Ben return to the base?
Ben refused to leave Sammy behind.
Who sabotaged Vosch’s systems on the base?
Evan sabotaged the base.
What does Evan plan to do to the base in addition to sabotage?
Evan plans to destroy the base.
Which three main characters escape the base and survive?
Cassie, Ben, and Sammy escape the base and survive.
Why did Cassie kill a wounded soldier?
Cassie mistook a crucifix that the soldier was holding for a gun.
What object is a sign of hope for Sammy and Cassie?
The teddy bear that Sammy gives Cassie to hold until they are together again provides them hope.
When does Cassie first see The Eye?
Cassie first sees The Eye, an alien bomb, when the soldiers blow up her refugee camp.
What are the names of the camps where Cassie and Sammy are held?
Camp Ashpit is the refugee camp where Cassie and her family go after her mother’s death. Sammy is taken to Camp Haven where children from the refugee camps are trained to become soldiers.
what is cassie’s full first name?
what happened in the 4th wave?
aliens that were within humans finally awoke and started deciving and killing humans.
what is private zombies first name?
what color did the mothership glow?
what did cassie’s dad call the aliens?
the others.
what happened on the 2nd wave?
the aliwns droped a gaint metal rod that hit a tectonic palte and in turn created tsunamis that wiped out more humans.
name 2 of the members that were on zombies squad.
pound cake, zombie, nugget,
what did the aleins do on the first wave?
they used a emp to disrupt all electronics the humans had.
what did the green flashing sphere do?
it exsploded and sent out ultra sonic waves.
how did cassie’s mom die?
she died from the deasies of the third wave known as the red tsunami or red death.
Where was Cassie shot?
Back of her knee
What were the names stitched on the uniforms of the soldiers picking up children in school buses?
Greene, Walters, Parker
What was the program they used to scan people’s minds
Who is the sergeant of Zombie’s team?
Sergeant Reznick
What is sitting on the table next to Cassie when she wakes up?
Hershey’s kiss
What does two knocks mean?
Evan is just stopping by to spy on Cassie while she sleeps
What is Evan Walker?
A silencer
How old does Cassie tell the nurse she is?
What does going Dorothy mean?
pressure becomes too much and you snap and become crazy
How long is the knife in Cassie’s new weapon holster?
10 inches
What occurs when you hit the green button on the silver alien device?
The person’s button you hit dies
How long has Vosch been studying humans?
6000 years
What was in the hand of the soldier who Cassie shot in the convenience store?
a crufix
Where did Cassie’s dad bury her mother?
a rose bed
Who did Cassie lie to Evan about?
Ben Parrish
When did drones show up?
The tag end of the third wave
What does Evan do to his house before they leave?
burns it down
Who is the 5th wave?
the soldiers
What happens when Zombie cuts out Ringer’s chip?
she turns green in Zombie’s infested scanner

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