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Cleary, Beverly
AR Quiz No. 5041 EN

Ralph fled in search of freedom but ended up being confined as a captive in a summer camp.

ATOS Book Level:5.3
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:4.0
Rating:Not yet rated.
Word Count:24176

Quiz Answers

What is Ralph’s favorite food?P.B.J. sandwiches (Peanut Butter and Jelly)
Did Garf steal Karen’s mouse watch?No, one of the cats did the stealing.
Why did Ralph run away?He didn’t want to share his motorcycle anymore and he wanted to be independent (take care of himself).
Who had poison oak?Karen (She was scratching her arm in the craftshop.)
Where did Ralph get his motorcycle from?A kid at the hotel named Keith.
How did Ralph’s cage get knocked over?Catso was chasing Ralph and knocked over the cage off the shelf.
What was the name of Ralph’s friend from the craftshop?Chum. He was a golden hamster.
How did Catso get in the craftshop?There was a small hole in the craftshop’s screen door.
Who found Ralph’s motorcycle?Garf. He found it in the bamboo.
How did Ralph get back to the hotel?Garf brought him back. Garf said that he had to go to the hotel anyway to get his luggage.
Who is Ralph?A small brown mouse.
Where does Ralph live?Mountain View Inn (it is a hotel).
How does Ralph feel about Matt not helping him?Surprised, because he thought Matt was his friend.
Who greets Ralph at the camp first?Sam (the dog)
How does Ralph get his motorcycle down?He chewed on all the branches until it came down.
Ralph escapes Sam only to meet who?A mole.
How does Ralph feel at the beginning of his trip?It’s not like he thought it would be, but he’s not going to give up.
What does “haste” mean?To act hurriedly and in a careless way.
What does it mean if something is “apt”?It means it is “just right”.
What does “nearsighted” mean?It means you CAN see things close up, but CAN’T see things that are far away.
What is a lanyard?It is a cord worn around the neck to hold something (like a whistle)
If someone says you speak in a “drone” way, what does that mean?It means you speak in a monotonous voice all the time. Your voice stays the same tone and never changes to get higher or lower.
What does “oblige” mean?To force (compel) somebody to do something for you, but not in a mean way.
If you look at someone with “scorn”, what does that mean?It means you look down on them or you don’t like them.
If something “withers”, what happens to it?It dries up. Like a flower will wither and die without water and sunlight.
If you “outwit” someone, what does that mean you have done?It means you have beat them by being more sly or more clever (smarter).
What kind of personality does Chum have?He is full of information and he teaches Ralph a lot.
What kind of animal is Chum?He is a golden hamster.
Where was Chum born?In a petstore
Why doesn’t Ralph trust Garf at first?Because he sings songs about “bopping” field mice on the head.
Who is Lana?Chum’s owner
Where did Ralph go when he ran away?Happy Acres Camp
What color is Ralph’s motorcycle?Red
Who caught Ralph?Garf
Where did they put Ralph when they caught him?In the craft shop
Who is Garf?It is short for the name Garfield.
Which camp rule did Garf break?Sneaking into the craft store when no one was around
Why does Chum chew the bars of his cage?He is wearing down his teeth.
Chum says he is a philosopher. What is a philosopher?Someone who thinks about life.
What does Garf tell Aunt Jill that he wants?He wants time to be alone and he wants people to leave Ralph alone.
What does Garf’s sign say?Pryvat! Keep Out! This Mowse is the personul property of Garfield R Jernigan! If you feed him, you will drop ded!
How does Ralph feel when Garf makes him a sign?He feels content (okay) for the moment.
How does Ralph get out of the cage?Catso attacks the cage and Ralph squeaks away.
How does Chum help Ralph?He makes a hissing sound to distract Catso
What does it mean when Ralph’s search around the cage was “futile”?It means hopeless. Ralph was searching for a way out and did not find one.
Who does Ralph strike a bargain with? (make a deal with)Garf
Who is the author of Runaway Ralph?Beverly Cleary
Where did Lana buy Chum?She bought him at the Fair.
How did Ralph ask Matt to help him?He asked him to help get his motorcycle down the steps of the Mountain View Inn (where Ralph lives) so he can run away.
Sam couldn’t let Ralph stay because he was already in trouble for doing what?He let a car get away.
How did Ralph return Karen’s watch to her?He chewed a hole in her sleeping bag and left it for her to find.
What did Matt do when Ralph told him he was running away from the Mountain View Inn?He refused to help him lift his motorcycle to get down the steps.
Why did Garf say Ralph wouldn’t make it back?Because the tires on his motorcycle were smooth and wearing (getting old).
When Garf was seen leaving the dining hall early, he was accused of doing what?Stealing/taking Karen’s watch
An argument in the craft shop was caused by a sign that said what?The sign said that Ralph belonged to Garf.
Who refused to let Ralph into the Happy Acres Camp?Sam, the dog.
How would you describe Garf?He was quiet and misunderstood.
Why is Ralph frightened when he wakes up from his nap in some bamboo leaves?He comes face to face with a family of cats.
How would you describe Aunt Jill?She is understanding and optimistic.
How does Garf catch Ralph?by scooping him up in a net
Why did Matt come outside in his pajamas?He wanted to see if Ralph got down the steps with his motorcycle alright.
At Mountain View Inn, where Ralph lives, where did he park his motorcycle?Under the television
Why was Ralph able to talk to Matt?Matt also loved motorcycles and going fast (speed) and he understood how Ralph made the motorcycle work.
How did Garf feel about going to camp?He was NOT excited about it.
What sound was Ralph leading towards?The bugle
How did Ralph’s brothers and sisters ride the motorcycle?Ralph pushed them on it.
Where did Ralph hide from Sam, the camp’s watchdog?In a gopher hole
What happened to most of Ralph’s litter of mice?They died from eating poisoned grain.
Why didn’t Matt have a motorcycle?He said he could never afford one (have enough money to buy one).
Why did Ralph have to get off the road and cling to a weed when he heard a car coming?Because he would have been blown away like a gum wrapper.
What did Ralph decide to do as he heard the bugle (an instrument) play that morning?Run away
Why did Ralph think camp would be different?Ralph thought he would meet medium aged boys and eat peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches.
Why does Matt compare the Mountain View Inn to the Waldorf? (The Waldorf is also a hotel.)Because it is a fancy hotel.
How is Ralph different from his mother and his uncle who scold him? (Scold means to get onto someone for doing something wrong.)He likes adventures.
Why did Matt decide NOT to help Ralph down the steps?He wanted to help Ralph be independent, which was why he was running away in the first place.


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