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Lore, Pittacus
AR Quiz No. 146436 EN

A group of Garde, survivors from the planet Lorien, have arrived on Earth. While some have been captured, the remaining members are in hiding and avoiding contact with each other.

As their Legacies continue to develop, they will soon be ready to fight against their enemies. Please note that the plot contains language that may be considered offensive.

ATOS Book Level:5.3
Interest Level:Middle Grades Plus (MG+ 6 and up)
AR Points:14.0
Word Count:91624
Topic – Subtopic:Science Fiction-Aliens/Extraterrestrials;
Series:Lorien Legacies/I Am Number Four;

Quiz Answers

How does Marina bring her chest to the ground?Using her telekinesis
What is Marina’s cêpan name?Adelina
Who was in love with six?Sam and John
When Sam was guessing what six’s earth name was, what did he guess first?Stryker
Who was six’s cêpan?Katarina
What was Bernie’s casar’s real name?Hadley
How many garde remain alive?7
The mogleader is named?Stratkus Ra
Lorien was attacked by what planet?Mogadore
The charm provided for the garde did what?Allow them to only be killed in order
The charm is broken when?Multiple garde find each other
The story is narrated by what two people?Marina and John
Marina’s legacy is?Telekinesis, breathing underwater, and healing wounds
Sam’s father is?An ally of the Lorien
The xitharius crystal lasted how long?1 hour
John is ___ proof?Fireproof
Maren’s (six) man legacy is?Invisibility
Every garde telekinesis except?Ella
John’s dagger has a blade made from?Diamond
Ella has the power to?Change between ages
John’s legacies developed?Late
Marina named the cat what?Legacy
Carlotta renamed the cat what?Feo
Marina cured who?Carlotta
Marina cured Carlotta from what?When Sam was guessing what Six’s earth name was, what did he guess first?
Who paddled Ella?Sister Dora
Who was found in the Mogadorian cave?Nine


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