The Brightest Night AR Test Answers

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Sutherland, Tui T.
AR Quiz No. 165703 EN

One of the Dragonets of Destiny, Sunny, receives shocking news from Morrowseer that undermines her belief in their predetermined fate.

ATOS Book Level:5.5
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:12.0
Word Count:74378
Topic – Subtopic:Fantasy/Imagination-Dragons; Fantasy/Imagination-Magic;
Series:Wings of Fire;

Quiz Answers

What did Thorn reveal after Sunny promised she hadn’t come from the reward?She stabbed her smoldering during claws and to Clay’s leg to bum cut the poison.
What did Sonny’s plan to end the war involved?Getting the three sisters and one place and then having a competition or vote.
His mother never saw how cold and calculating Blister was.Dune was Sunny’s father.
Smaller said he’d spent 20 years trying to figure out how…What was the “gift” that Blister had sent in a box to burn?
What happened after Thorn challenged Blistered or fight?Two dragon bite vipers.
What did the scavenger that Sunny called Holler drop into Sunny’s palm?A sapphire that looked like an animus-touched gem for the scroll.
Stonemover explained that instead of taking the curse- – –Appeared in his scales, weighing him down.
According to Thorn, why didn’t Sunny look like a regulars sand wing?Her father was Stonemover, which made her half Nightwing.
Why did Sunny from the sleeping Nightwings?The obsidian mirror.
What happened after Thorn challenged blistered or fight?Blister snatched the Eye of Onyx from Thorn and then exploded into dust.


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