Breaking Dawn AR Test Answers

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In the final installment of the Twilight Saga, Bella reaches a decision regarding immortality and must confront the aftermath that follows. It’s important to note that the plot includes instances of violence.

ATOS Book Level:4.8
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:28.0
Word Count:186542
Topic – Subtopic:Award Winners-CBC Children’s Choice Book Award; Horror/Thriller-Vampires; Interpersonal Relationships-Dating; Recommended Reading-YALSA Teens’ Top Ten; School-Senior High;
Series:Twilight Saga;

Quiz Answers

Why was Charlie furious after learning of Bella and Edward’s engagement?He had counted on Renee to play the heavy, but she was happy about it.
After Edward vowed not to touch her again, what deal did Bella try to make?She would remain human for another year and go to college at Dartmouth.
As soon as Jacob heard Bella was “sick”, he wanted to…Attack the Cullens for violating the treaty.
What was Edward’s shocking offer to Jacob?Bella could have Jacob’s baby if she wanted it so badly.
As they were discussing the fetus, what did Carlisle reveal about Jacob?He had 24 pairs of chromosomes, not 23 as humans did.
What was a problem for Alice during Bella’s pregnancy?Her inability to see the future gave her constant headaches.
Why could Leah understand Rosalie’s attitude about the fetus?She believed they were both genetic “dead ends”.
After Jacob saw that Edward no longer hated the baby, but loved it he…Drove to a park full of people to try to imprint on someone.
Why did Jacob believe that Bella had died after Renesmee’s violent birth?The pull toward Bella he had been feeling was suddenly gone.
What “secret” about her transformation did Bella want to keep from Edward?The morphine had not helped the pain but had only kept her still and silent.
After Bella became a vampire, Edward disagreed with her decision to…Visit the Volturi alone to show proof of her transformation.
What shocked the Cullens about Alice’s vision?Even the Volturi wives were part of the group that was coming for them.
After Alice & Jasper’s unexpected departure, Bella remembered they…Were not actually related to the rest of the Cullens by blood or venom.
Bella’s main objective in the impending fight with the Volturi was to…Try to take Alec and Jane out of the equation.
What pattern had Eleazar noticed during his time with the Volturi?Covens were punished and destroyed so Aro could acquire a gifted individual.
During Bella’s conversation with J. Jenks/Scott, she noticed that he…Appeared to be terrified of Jasper.
What “clue” did Bella send Alice, hoping she would find Jacob and Renesmee?RIO DE JANEIRO.
After Caius questioned the werewolf alliance, what did Edward reveal?Sam’s and Jacob’s packs were shape-shifters, not true children of the moon.
Why were Edward and Bella determined that Demetri had to die in the fight?He would hunt Alice and any other survivors.
After meeting and observing Bella, Nahuel was finally able to…Begin to forgive himself for killing his own mother.


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