Where the Red Fern Grows AR Test Answers

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Rawls, Wilson
AR Quiz No. 95 EN

In the story, Billy Coleman toils hard to accumulate enough money to purchase a pair of red-bone hunting dogs. Along the way, his grandfather offers guidance and teachings on maturing. However, it’s worth noting that the plot does contain some moderate profanity and graphic violence.

ATOS Book Level:4.9
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:11.0
Word Count:75528
Topic – Subtopic:Animals-Dogs; Life Experiences-Growing Up; Places-Countryside/Rural; Recommended Reading-California Recommended Lit., English, 6-8; What Kids Are Reading, 2022-Grade 6: Top 20 Fiction/Nonfiction Books;

Quiz Answers

where the coon hidgate post
location of the big sycamore treebottoms
curious catSammy
grandpa entered the hounds in onecontest
rescued Billy from the fight with the town childrenmarshal
attacked Billy and the dogsmountain lion
The Pritchard’s houndOld blue
Fell on the axe and diedRuben
Grew on a sacred spotred fern
Billy carried the puppies home in onegunny sack
strong and aggressiveOld Dan
was amazed at Billy’s dogsjudge
Where grandpa workedstore
cup Billy gave to his youngster sistergold cup
dollar cost of the houndsforty dollars
dollar amount Billy spent on gifts for the familyten dollars
gave Billy three steel trapspapa
fad for coon skin ones raised the price of skinscoats
was afflicted with “puppy love”Billy
mama’s Indian heritageCherokee
Rubin and Rainie’s last namePritchard
the dollar cost of the houndstwo dollars
the dollar amount of Grandpa’s bet with the Pritchard boysbet
cup Little Ann won at the beauty contestsilver cup
Sound Billy made to the houndswhoop
Billy didn’t want to kill itghost coon
Grandpa made one with the Pritchard boysNew England
number of Billy’s sistersthree
River near the bottomsIllinois River
Billy’s other desiregun
Billy used a K.C. ________________powder can for a bankbaking powder
Billy saw his for the first time on his trip to townreflection
sent away for the dogsgrandpa
thought about and talked to frequently by Billypapa
weather during the last night of the coon hunting contestsleet
smart but gun-shyLittle Ann
Town Billy walked to for the dogsTahlequah
Mountain setting of the novelOzark Mountains
was excited on the hunt for the ghost coonRainie
dollar amount Billy savedfifty dollars
nickname for a raccoonMr. Ringtail
where the coonskin coat fad wasbobcat
mama made one for Billy’s first coon skincap
Where does Billy live?Oklahoma
Billy’s mother descends from what Native American tribe?Cherokee
What is the inspiration for the dog’s names?a tree carving
what kind of can did Billy save his money in?A K.C. Baking Powder can
how much money did Billy save?$50
where does Billy go to pick up his hounds?Tahlequah
what does the marshal give to Billy?Ghost coon
at the beginning of the novel, what is Billy doing?Strawberry soda pop
where does Billy sell his coonskins?at his grandfather’s store
how many sisters does Billy have?3
who teaches Billy how to trap raccoons and how to make a scarecrow?Grandfather
which of the Pritchard boys is the oldest?Ruben
To win the bet with the Pritchard boys, what do Billy’s hounds have to catch?Dried flowers
what kind of hounds are old Dan and Little Ann?redbone
which of the hounds is smarter?Little Ann
into what does Little Ann fall?a freezing stream
what does Billy put on the Pritchard boy’s grave?dried flowers
who enters Billy’s hounds in the contest?Grandfather
what kind of contest does Little Ann win all by herself?Walking home from the office
why does the price of coonskins rise?A beauty contest
how much is the contest jackpot?$300


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