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Forman, Gayle
AR Quiz No. 129747 EN

Seventeen-year-old Mia, a gifted cellist, is left in a coma after a devastating car accident that claims the lives of her parents and younger brother. As she struggles to cope with the loss, Mia must decide whether to cling to her grief or join her family in death. It’s important to note that the plot contains instances of profanity.

ATOS Book Level:5.3
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:8.0
Word Count:49653

Quiz Answers

Why didn’t Mia go to school the day her family got into the car accident?Snow day
What song is significant to Mia at the time of the accident?Beethoven’s Cello Sonata #3
What band is Adam a part of?Shooting Star
What was Adam’s Halloween costume for his show?Mozart
What celebrity attempts to help Adam see Mia?Brooke Vega
Willow was a close friend of Mia’s parents. What was her occupation?Nurse
What triggers Mia’s body to alert a “Code Blue” in the ICU?Finding out Teddy is dead
What had Mia’s mother asked for at her funeral?Mia to play the cello
Who justifies reasons for Mia to leave?Gramps and Kim
Who finally makes Mia decide to stay?Adam
What musical instrument does Mia play?Cello
What type of music does Mia play?Classical
What concert does Adam take Mia to on their first date?Yo-Yo Ma
Which school did Mia audition for and hope to attend after she graduated from high school?Juilliard
What is Mia’s friend Kim’s religious background?Jewish
What happened in 6th grade between Mia and Kim that finally cemented their friendship?A fistfight
What kind of store did Mia’s dad work in before he became a teacher?Record store
What musical instrument did Mia’s dad play when he was in a band?Drums
What was the name of the summer camp that Mia attended in the summer?Franklin Valley Conservatory in British Columbia
What kind of music did Mia’s parents prefer?Punk rock
Why did Mia’s father trade in his punk image for a bow tie teacher and give up his motorcycle leather jacket?The birth of his son, Mia’s brother, Teddy
What was the name of the hillbilly punk type song that Mia enjoyed listening to?Waiting for Vengeance
What nickname did Mia’s dad call her?Mia Oh-My-Uh
What is the name of Adam’s bandShooting Star
Who is Mia’s best friendKim
Which genre of music was the family playing before the car hit themclassical
Which instrument does Mia playcello
(True or False) Did Adam really get the tickets from a friend?False
What kind of death type did Mia’s mother sufferImmediate Cardiac Arrest
What part of the car still worked even after the car was destroyedradio
Who did Mia dress up as for HalloweenDebbie Harry
Who did Adam dress up as for HalloweenMozart
How much money was Adam’s costume100 bucks
Where did Adam get his costumeeBay
Who said that Mia chooses whether she stays or lives?the nurse
What is Kim’s usual hairstylebraid
How many times has Mia seen Adam crytwice
What does ICU stand forinsensitive care unit
What is Mia’s blood typeO negative
Where does Mia liveOregon
What was Mia’s favorite bookTo Kill a Mockingbird
True or False: People in Mia’s family like AdamTrue
When Mia heard of Yo Yo Ma, what language did she first thought it wasChinese
What kind of transportation does Mia’s father preferbiking
True or False: Mia and Kim has always gotten alongFalse
What nickname did the school give Mia and Adam?Groovy and the Geek
Whose death hit Mia the hardest?Teddy
What WAS her decision?To leave
What did Adam beg her to do after she made her decisionStay
What was important to Mia and connected her and her family and boyfriend togethermusic
Did Adam and Mia break up?No
What music does most of the characters in the book enjoyrock
What is the theme of the booklife and death


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