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Myers, Walter Dean
AR Quiz No. 29945 EN

As he stands trial as an accomplice to murder, sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon grapples with the harrowing reality of prison life and the legal system. He documents his experiences in the form of a film script as he tries to come to terms with the path his life has taken. Please note that the plot includes depictions of sexual assault.

ATOS Book Level:5.1
Interest Level:Upper Grades (UG 9-12)
AR Points:5.0
Word Count:32846
Topic – Subtopic:Adventure-Crime; Adventure-Trials/Tribulations; Award Winners-Booklist Editors’ Choice; Award Winners-Coretta Scott King Award/Honors; Award Winners-Michael Printz Award/Honor Book; Award Winners-Boston Globe/Horn Book Award/Honors; Award Winners-Edgar Award/Honor Book; Award Winners-IBBY Honor List; Award Winners-Publishers Weekly Best Book; Award Winners-ALA Notable/Best Books; Award Winners-BCCB Blue Ribbon Book; Award Winners-VOYA Award/Honor; Award Winners-YALSA Top Ten; People-African American & Black People; Places-Prisons; Power Lessons AR-Grade 8; Recommended Reading-ALA Outstanding Books for the College Bound; Recommended Reading-YALSA Popular Paperbacks; Recommended Reading-YARP; Recommended Reading-Coop. Children’s Book Center; Recommended Reading-Junior Library Guild Selection; Recommended Reading-NY Times Editor’s Choice; Recommended Reading-Children’s Literature Choice; Recommended Reading-YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant YA; Recommended Reading-California Recommended Lit., English, 6-8; Recommended Reading-California Recommended Lit., English, 9-12; Social Issues-Violence;

Quiz Answers

Why was the case delayed
The stenographer brought the wrong cord

How did the detective describe the scene, and what literary device did he use
“Pretty Gruesome” oxymoron

How many years would Steve at least have to serve if he were sentenced
21 years 3 months

Why wasn’t Acie concerned about the trial
He needed money but intended to pay it back

What did Steve notice about all the inmates including himself
They were all pretty young

Why couldn’t the detective read the case one day
He couldn’t sit because he had hemorrhoids

How old is Bobo and Asvaldo

What items surrounded Mr. Nesbitt
Cigarette cartons

Where does one of the ladies think Mr. Nesbitt is from?
St. Kitts

What is in the picture the lady is holding?

What happened to Osvaldo after the trial
He was sent to a reformatory

What happened to King after the trial
He was sentenced 25 years to life

Who did Steve try to hug

How did Steve describe Mr. Nesbitt in the picture

What book did Steve’s mom bring to him
A bible

Who requested a sidebar

How heavy and what age did Williams say Mr. Nesbitt was
200 lbs 55 yr/o

What did Mr. Nipping testify against
He said king was left-handed because he bought him a baseball glove when he was younger but had to bring it back because it was a right glove

What didn’t Steve’s father understand after the trial
How Steve knew people like that

What happened to the object Osvaldo gave Ms. Moore
It broke


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