Alice in Wonderland AR Test Answers

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Carroll, Lewis
AR Quiz No. 52290 EN

Alice’s mundane existence is forever changed when she falls down a rabbit hole and enters the enchanting realm of eccentric personalities and eccentric tea parties. This work is alternatively known as “Alice in Wonderland.”

ATOS Book Level:7.4
Interest Level:Middle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points:5.0
Word Count:26435
Series:Puffin Classics; Usborne Illustrated Originals;

Quiz Answers

LogicAlice is constantly perplexed and confused because of Wonderland’s lack of what?
the DormouseAt the Mad Tea Party are the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and ___
TimeIt’s always six o’clock at the Mad Tea-Party because the Mad Hatter had a falling out with whom?
rudeThe blue caterpillar can best be described as ___
SpadesThe Queen’s garden is tended by cards of what suite?
CakesThe White Rabbit pelts Alice with small pebbles that turn into what?
pigWhat animal does the Duchess’s baby turn into?
wineWhat does the March Hare first offer Alice when she sits down at the Tea Party?
drown the Dormouse in the teapotWhen Alice leaves the Mad Tea Party, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare are attempting to ___
FrenchWhen Alice, swimming in her pool of tears, fails to communicate in English with the Mouse, she tries speaking to it in what other language?
MadWhen the Cheshire Cat tells Alice, “You must be or you wouldn’t have come here,” he is accusing Alice of being what?
The Knave of HeartsWho is accused of stealing tarts?
the DuchessWho said the following: “If everybody minded their business, the world would go around a deal faster than it does.”
the Mad HatterWho said, “If everybody minded their business, the world would go around a deal faster than it does.”
His house servant Mary AnnWhom does the White Rabbit mistake Alice for?
on a riverbankWhere is Alice sitting at the start of the book?
a rabbitAlice follows a ___ marking the start of her adventure in Wonderland
March HareAt whose house does the famous tea party of Alice in Wonderland take place?
Knave of HeartsWhose trial does Alice attend as a witness?
by waking upHow does Alice ultimately escape from Wonderland?
a pocket watchWhat does the White Rabbit pull out of his waistcoat pocket when Alice first sees him running past?
a marmalade jarWhen Alice stumbles down the rabbit hole, what does she pluck from a shelf as she falls?
her cat DinahWhile falling down the rabbit hole, who does Alice imagine having a conversation with?
glassAfter landing at the bottom of the rabbit hole, Alice finds a key sitting atop of a table made of ___
shrinkThe very first potion Alice drinks after falling down the Rabbit hole causes her to ___
9 feetAfter finishing the cake marked EAT ME, what height does Alice grow to?
the DuchessAfter Alice finishes the EAT ME cake, the white rabbit appears, muttering to himself about an appointment with whom?
a fanWhat does the white rabbit leave behind, which Alice uses to shrink herself enough to fit through the garden door?
the mouseWho does Alice encounter in the pool of tears, and accidentally offend by talking about cats and dogs?
William the ConquerorWho is the subject of the “dry” story the Mouse tells to Alice and the other animals?
The DodoWho assigns Alice the task of passing out prizes to the winners of the Caucus Race?
mintsWhat does Alice pass out to all the animals as a “prize” for winning the Caucus Race?
What does Alice give to the Dodo, which he in turn presents to her as a prize?a thimble
Who is Mary Ann?the Rabbit’s maid
What type of animal is Bill, the servant that climbs down the chimney to deal with Alice?a lizard
After fleeing from the Rabbit’s house, what giant animal does Alice encounter?a puppy
What is the Caterpillar doing when Alice first encounters him?smoking
What does the Caterpillar ask Alice to do?recite a poem
The Caterpillar skulks away after Alice inadvertently insults his what?height
Which section of the Caterpillar’s mushroom causes Alice to shrink?right hand
What part of Alice’s body grows to an immense length after she eats the left-hand side of the caterpillar’s mushroom?her neck
The Pigeon attacks Alice because she thinks Alice is a what?a serpent
What type of animal delivers the letter inviting the Duchess to play croquet?a frog
What spice does the Duchess cook use to excess, causing everyone to sneeze?pepper
When the Cheshire Cat fades out of sight, what is the last part of him to be visible?his grin
What does the Mad Hatter say that Alice needs, causing her to scold him for being rude?a haircut
Where does the March Hare put his broken watch?in his tea
The Mad Hatter and March Hare exist in perpetual tea time, with the hour permanently fixed at what time?six o’clock
After being awakened by the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, the Dormouse tells a story of 3 sisters who live a treacle well
What color are the gardeners painting the roses when Alice arrives to play croquet?red
Who are the gardeners trying unsuccessfully to please by painting the roses?The Queen
What animal is Alice supposed to use as a mallet in her croquet game with the Queen?a Flamingo
Which character partially appears during the croquet game to ask Alice how she is doing?The Cheshire Cat
Who explains to Alice that the Queen of Hearts never actually executes anyone?the Gryphon
Why is Alice concerned upon meeting the Mock Turtle?he looks sad
What does the Mock Turtle claim to have studied at sea school?uglification
According to Mock Turtle, what was the name of the master at sea school?tortoise
Which sea creature doesn’t participate in the Lobster Quadrille?the jellyfish
What is the lobster quadrille?a dance
Which creatures are the subject of the song that the Mock Turtle sings as he dances?Whiting and snail
The creature that shines shoes is called a _____.Whiting
What is the name of the song the Mock Turtle sings just before Alice is taken to the trial?Turtle Soup
What does Alice call the trial jurors, which they immediately begin writing down?stupid things
Who does Alice snatch a pencil from at the start of the trial?Bill
Who is the 1st witness at the trial, and arrives with a teacup in hand?The Mad Hatter
What creature is “suppressed” during the trial by being tied in a bag and sat on?a guinea pig
What rule requires all persons more than a mile high to leave the court?Rule 42
What is written on the paper presented as “evidence” by the Rabbit at the trial?a poem
What does the Queen demand be issued before the trial verdict, causing Alice to criticize her?the sentence
What does Alice do to the playing cards that attach her after the Queen called for her beheading?bats them away
In the final moments of the book , which character is daydreaming of Alice’s adventures?In the final moments of the book, which character is daydreaming of Alice’s adventures?


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