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Animal Farm is an allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945.[1][2] The book tells the story of a group of farm animals who rebel against their human farmer, hoping to create a society where the animals can be equal, free, and happy. Ultimately, however, the rebellion is betrayed and the farm ends up in a state as bad as it was before, under the dictatorship of a pig named Napoleon. – Wikipedia

Animal Farm Quiz

Animal Farm Summary

Animal Farm Quiz Questions (45)

1. Whose dream do the animals gather to hear?

  • Napoleon
  • Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, and Marx
  • Old Major
  • The dream of revolution

2. What breaks up the first meeting that the animals have together?

  • Napoleon’s call for his attack dogs
  • Old Major’s death after his speech
  • The pigs sending everyone off to get ready for rebellion
  • Mr. Jones fires his shotgun

3. What is one idea that Beasts of England brings up?

  • all of the things the animals are controlled by will go away
  • kill all men
  • Bring Napoleon into power
  • bring Napoleon or Snowball into power
  • animals will go to Sugarcandy Mountain

4. What is Mollie most concerned about?

  • her food
  • ribbons and sugar
  • a warm stable
  • overthrowing Mr. Jones

5. What is Boxer’s first motto?

  • Four legs good.  Two legs bad.
  • All animals are comrades.
  • Tyrant man shall be overthrown.
  • I will work harder.

6. What is one of the first sly things that the pigs do to show a higher status before outwardly breaking commandments?

  • take the apples and milk for themselves
  • move into the farmhouse
  • kill animals who go against them
  • run Snowball off the farm

7. Which animal from the novel appears to be the most unchanged from the beginning to the end?

  • Napoleon
  • Snowball
  • Benjamin
  • Boxer

8. What eventually happens to the flag on Animal Farm?

  • It’s permanently removed
  • It’s displayed daily on top of the farm house
  • The horn and hoof are removed
  • It’s replaced with the original flag used by Manor Farm.

9. Animal Farm is primarily an example of which satirical technique?

  • Inflation
  • Diminution
  • Juxtaposition
  • Fable

10. What part does Napoleon play in the Battle of the Cowshed?

  • he leads the ambush
  • he is wounded by Mr. Jones
  • he sides with Mr. Jones
  • his part is not mentioned

11. Who wins the Battle of the Cowshed?

  • Napoleon and Snowball
  • the animals
  • the humans
  • all of the beasts of England

12. Whose idea was the windmill?

  • Squealer
  • Napoleon
  • the pigs
  • Snowball

13. What is Napoleon’s new policy that he announces that deals with humans?

  • rewarding hard work with extra food brought in by humans
  • creating roles for animals to help with leading against the humans
  • trading with humans
  • allowing neighboring farmers to farm on their land

14. How is the windmill destroyed the first time?

  • Snowball
  • wind from a storm
  • it was too weak
  • Jones and his men wrecked it

15. The hens

  • rebel and are killed
  • rebel and leave the farm to go with Snowball
  • side with Napoleon because he will help them with their eggs
  • award Napoleon medals for helping them in their rebellion

16. Why is the song Beasts of England banished?

  • the animals are angry that they do not have all that it promised
  • the rebellion is over and it is not needed because all of the animals are all satisfied with the promises of the song
  • the song is a hopeful one that makes promises that were not kept and that is best to be not remembered
  • a better one was created called Animalism Achieved

17. How does Napoloeon’s status rise?

  • not seen as much in public and when he is it is always with a rooster and dogs
  • awards himself medals
  • referred to as “Father of all Animals or “Comrade Napoleon”
  • all of the above

18. The Battle of the Windmill

  • an easy battle because the animals are stronger to protect their farm
  • Snowball aligns with Frederick to take over the farm
  • the windmill is attacked by Frederick and destroyed
  • windmill is blown up by Mr. Jones

19. What happens to Boxer after he is hurt?

  • taken to be killed by the knacker
  • taken to be treated by the veterinarian
  • taken to live on the farm with Frederick
  • allowed to heal in the farmhouse with the pigs

20. Which is true with life on the farm at the end?

  • still hard work for animals, less rations for animals, Spontaneous Demonstrations
  • some success with farming due to the windmill
  • new pigs are born and given higher status
  • all of the above

21. What does Squealer do with the sheep at the end?

  • sells them off to Pilkington because they are traitors aligned with Snowball
  • kills them because they do not follow along
  • teaches them a new song to go along with another change
  • gives them a higher status because they always listen

22. Who does Napoleon meet with at the end when they gather on Animal Farm?

  • other pigs from neighboring farms who want to learn how to rule in the same way
  • Pilkington and other farmers
  • all the beasts of England
  • a rebellious group of animals against him

23. Mr. Jones

  • Stalin
  • Trotsky
  • Hitler
  • Czar Nicholas II

24. Squealer

  • truth teller
  • church
  • false propaganda
  • secondary ruler

25. Napoleon

  • Russian police force
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Leon Trotsky
  • Vladimir Lenin

26. The book ends with

  • Napoleon’s death
  • an animal rebellion where the animals defeat the pigs
  • a violent quarrel between Pilkington and Napoleon as well as the other farmers due to cheating in a card game
  • Pilkington and Napoleon agreeing to work together to spread Animalism

27. Old Major

  • Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Russian intellience
  • Russian war hero

28. Boxer

  • the church
  • working class
  • educated class
  • wealthy class

29. Mr. Frederick

  • the working class
  • Soviet Union
  • a kind neighboring farmer
  • Hitler/Germany

30. allegory

  • use of wit and humor to criticize or make fun of a group, institution, or society
  • double meaning – literal and symbolic
  • a story from long ago
  • a short story with a message

31. Beasts of England

  • a unifying song of rebellion
  • a song of keeping control and totalitarianism
  • the winners of Animal Farm
  • the horses, donkeys, and hens

32. All of the following are privileges granted to pigs at the end of the novel except:

  • other animals must yield to the pigs as they walk by
  • the pigs can wear ribbons on Sunday
  • beer is provided to each of the pigs, but no other animals
  • the piglets attend school at Pilkington’s farm at Foxwood

33. All of these statements best express major themes in the story except:

  • violence and terror are clear signs of oppression and tyranny
  • True love can be reached with acceptance and trust
  • Equality might be ideal, but it is never easy to reach
  • Questioning authority and those in power is justified.

34. If Animal Farm is considered a fable, what is the principal moral?

  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely
  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
  • the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

35. In the novel, what is the final straw that finally motivates the animals to revolt and usurps Mr. Jones?

  • He forgets to feed them
  • He sells everything they produce to humans
  • He overworks them
  • He shoots at the barn with his shotgun in order to keep them quiet

36. What type of world does Snowball describe to the animals as he passionately advocates for the building of the windmill?

  • A dystopia
  • Autopia
  • An egalitarian society
  • An autocratic society

37. What year did the Russian Revolution take place?

  • 1914
  • 1989
  • 1917
  • 1939

38. Allegorically, Mollie best represents:

  • Loyal capitalists
  • Loyal communists
  • Sympathetic socialists
  • Proponents of propaganda

39. The two animals who lead the farm to victory during the Battle of the Cowshed are:

  • Snowball and Napoleon
  • Snowball and Benjamin
  • Boxer and Napoleon
  • Boxer and Snowball

40. Who wrote Animal Farm?

  • Leon Trotsky
  • George Orwell
  • Sir Walter Scott
  • John Steinbeck

41. Animal Farm is based on events that took place in what country?

  • America
  • Zimbabwe
  • Russia
  • China

42. What term/phrase best describes Mr. Jones?

  • Awesome
  • Super Nice
  • On Point
  • Drunk

43. Why don’t the pigs do any physical labor?

  • They’re clumsy
  • They do all of the “brain” work
  • They don’t have thumbs
  • They’re too busy with Snap Chat

44. The farm is most efficient in terms of production….

  • at the very end of the novel.
  • when Mr. Jones is in charge.
  • before Snowball is exiled.
  • in the winter.

45. Who do the dogs represent in Animal Farm?

  • KGB / Secret Police
  • the United States
  • FDR
  • The workers


Animal Farm Test Questions and Answers (76)

Animal who has a dream containing the ideas of animalism- Represents Karl Marx
Old Major
The owner of the farm before the rebellion- Represents Czars
Mr. Jones
Bluebell, Jessie, Pincher- represents KGB
Boxer and Clover- represent the working class
The white goat- represents educated working class
The oldest animal on the farm (donkey) and the worst tempered- represents the older generation that is critical of the new leadership in Russia
Stout motherly mare, has trouble remembering the commandments and suspects that the commandments are being changed
“As strong as almost two horses put together”- represents the working class in Russia
The tame raven who preaches of “sugar candy mountain”- represents religion
Song that Old major teaches to the animals after his speech.
Beasts of England
The smartest type of animal
Leaders of the farm directly after the rebellion.
Snowball and Napoleon
Pig who is a great speaker- represents propaganda
Anniversary of the rebellion.
Midsummer Eve
Had trouble giving up her ribbons
Item of clothing that boxer gives up shortly after the rebellion
Straw Hat
Commandment #1: Whatever goes upon ______ is an enemy.
Two legs
Commandment #2: Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings is a _______.
Commandment #3: No animal shall wear _____.
Commandment #4: No animal shall sleep in a _____. (original version of #4)
Commandment #5: No animal shall drink _____. (original version of #5)
Commandment #6: No animal shall ____ any other animal. (original version of #6)
Commandment #7: All animals are _____.
The first harvest after the rebellion was the most successful harvest the farm had ever seen (t/f).
Who repeatedly says, “I will work harder”
Color of the animal farm flag.
Two prints on the (original) animal farm flag.
Hoof and Horn
Group of young animal that Napoleon raises from youth directly after the rebellion.
Four legs ____. Two legs ____.
Good, Bad
Formed various committees on the farm to make the animals feel involved.
The animal on the farm address each other as _____.
It was agreed upon very early in the farm that the milk and the windfall apples be reserved for the _____ alone.
Sent to send the ideas of snowball and Napoleon to the other farms.
Owner of the Foxwood farm- represents England and the United States
Owner of the Pinchfield farm- represents Hitler
Immediately after the rebellion the owners of the surrounding farms respected the animals and stopped calling the farm “Manor farm” and called it by the new name of “Animal Farm” (T/F)
The last attempt by Mr. Jones to take the farm back.
Battle of the Cowshed
Leader of the animal in the battle of the cowshed- represents Leon Trotsky
After the battle of the cowshed it was decided that Jone’s gun would be fired twice a year. (T/F)
Animal who leaves the farm after ribbons and sugar cubes were found in her stall- represents the vain people of Russia (typically business owners and shopkeepers)
Animals who had taken to bleating “Four legs good, two legs bad”.
Whose idea was it to build a windmill to be used to heat the animals stalls?
Who wanted the windmill to be used to mill corn?
Original supporter of the windmill
Originally opposed the windmill
Chased off of the farm by the dogs and killed- represents Trotsky
Ordered Snowball’s killing
Sent around the farm to do Napoleon’s dirty work (convincing the animal’s Napoleon’s ideas are good)
After snowball’s expulsion Napoleon keeps on with the Sunday meetings (T/F)
Animals that follow around Napoleon to threaten the other animals
Who says, “Napoleon is always right”?
Who stated, “The only good human is a dead human”?
Napoleon tells the other animals that _____ is really a traitor and did not actually fight heroically in the battle of the cowshed.
To build the windmill the animals got limestone from the ______.
In addition to his regular work on the farm he added extra hour each day to working on the windmill.
Man from Willingdon who helps Napoleon with business affairs
Mr. Whymper
Day of the week when Mr. Whymper visits the farm.
Commandment #4 is changed to: No animal shall sleep in a bed ______.
With Sheets
Napoleon says that the windmill was knocked over by none other than ______.
One afternoon a bunch of animals tell Napoleon that they are in cahoots with snowball. He has them executed in front of all the other animals (T/F)
After Napoleon executed the “allies of snowball” he allows the animals to keep singing “Beasts of England”. (T/F)
Commandment #6 is changed to: No animal shall kill any other animal ______.
Without cause
In addition to his pack of dogs Napoleon starts walking around the farm being led by a _____ who acts as a trumpeter.
Black Cockrel
Napoleon sells the timber to ______.
Frederick pays Napoleon for the timber in legit money. (T/F)
After the exchange with the timber Frederick and his men try to attack Animal Farm. (T/F)
When Frederick and his men attack Animal Farm they knock down the windmill. (T/F)
What really knocks down the windmill (the first time it falls)?
What is the battle called in which there is an attack by Fredrick’s men on Animal Farm.
Battle of the Windmill
Boxer in injured (in his hoof) in the Battle of the windmill but recovers. (T/F)
Commandment #5 is changed to: No animal shall drink alcohol ______.
In excess
The young piglets that are taught by Napoleon himself are given the privilege of wearing green ribbons on sundays. (T/F)
Sugar Candy Mountain (preached by Moses) represents ________.
Sends Boxer to the knacker after his lungs give out.
Name of the farm at the end of the book.
Manor Farm
What were the pigs doing at the end of the novella that was shocking?
Walking on two legs

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