Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown AR Test Answer

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As Greg Heffley’s middle school shuts down due to snow, he and his closest friend, Rowley Jefferson, find themselves battling for survival amidst warring factions that have transformed their neighborhood into a frozen battleground.

ATOS Book Level5.5
Interest LevelMiddle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points3.0
Word Count18985

Test Answers

What is Greg’s best friend’s name?Rowley
What animal did Greg’s family lose, and when they got got it where did they take it?Pig and Obedience School
What game did Greg and Rodrick used to play when they were younger?Floor is Lava
What country did Greg do for his International Showcase project?Malta
What did Greg put on his flag for his snow fort?Dead Wolf
What is Greg’s little brother’s name?Manny
Who else came to Grandma’s house?Greg’s Mom
What days did Greg’s Mom say no electronics?Saturday and Sunday
What did Greg do to get the batteries from the remote?He had to do chores.
What are the two areas of Greg’s street?Upper Surrey and Lower Surrey
What does Rowley do while he was behind the rock?Go to the Bathroom
What was the gift that Greg’s Aunt gave Rodrick, Manny, and Greg get?A Blanket
Which person is not a character in this story?Jack
What do the girls do when Greg does not agree to the deal ($10) to take the snow off the driveway?Put all the snow back on the driveway
Were the people on the each of the two streets good friends and why?No, because they thought that they would never get to be friends.


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