Charlotte’s Web AR Test Answers

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In this charming tale, a young girl and Charlotte, an elegant grey spider, join forces to rescue Wilbur the pig from the impending fate of slaughter.

ATOS Book Level4.4
Interest LevelMiddle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points5.0
Word Count31938

Quiz Answers

Question 1: When Mr. Arable wanted to sell Wilbur, what did Mrs. Arable suggest Fem do?

Answer: Call the Zuckermans because Uncle Homer sometimes raised a pig.

Question 2: Why wouldn’t the goose play with Wilbur?

Answer: She was sitting on her eggs, which she needed to keep toasty warm.

Question 3: What bad news did the old sheep deliver to Wilbur?

Answer: He was being fattened up to be butchered.

Question 4: The old sheep thought Templeton could help Charlotte with her webs by:

Answer: bringing back magazine clippings from the dump.

Question 5: Why did Mrs. Arable pay a call on old Doctor Dorian?

Answer: to ask his advice about Fern, who was spending a lot of time in the barn.

Question 6: What did Mrs. Zuckerman decide to do the morning of the County Fair?

Answer: give Wilbur a buttermilk bath.

Question 7: What was the last word Charlotte ever wrote in her web?

Answer: HUMBLE.

Question 8: What revived Wilbur after he fainted in front of the crowd at the fair?

Answer: Templeton biting Wilbur’s tail as hard as he could bite.

Question 9: In exchange for first choice of Wilbur’s slops, Templeton agreed to…

Answer: climb up and get Charlotte’s egg sac so Wilbur could take it home.

Question 10: What did Charlotte’s babies do that made Wilbur frantic?

Answer: They formed silk balloons and sailed away on a warm updraft.


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