Bounce Back AR Test Answers

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Bounce Back
Rocks, Misako
AR Quiz No. 517104 EN

Lilico is enjoying a successful life in Japan, with wonderful friends and the leadership role of being the captain of her school’s basketball team. However, her world is turned upside down when her parents break the news that the family will be relocating to America.

ATOS Book Level2.1
Interest LevelMiddle Grades (MG 4-8)
AR Points1.0
Word Count11844

Quiz Answers

Question 2: When Nicco started talking to Lilico, what did he tell her?

Answer: He was there to help her as her guardian spirit.

Question 3: The first time Lilico was at Nala’s house, Nala yelled at Lilico for:

Answer: Touching one of the wigs in her collection.

Question 4: What did Lilico’s family do to bring luck before important event:

Answer: They ate tonkatsu, which is fried pork cutlet.

Question 5: At the first basketball practice, what did Lilico discover about the:

Answer: The coach was new and didn’t know anything about.

Question 6: At the sleepover, Lilico was surprised to learn that both she and…

Answer: liked the same band.

Question 7: What happened after Lilico noticed Nicco during her first game in…

Answer: She calmed down and started playing better.

Question 8: Nicco disappeared shortly after Lilico:

Answer: missed Nala’s birthday party.

Question 9: What did Lilico do to try to fix things with Nala?

Answer: She went to see Henry, and they both cut their hair short.

Question 10: Nala agreed to help the girls’ basketball team by:

Answer: making costumes for mascots to wear at the games.


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