Develop : Assess :: Train:

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Develop : Assess :: Train:

Develop is to assess as train is to
A) Change
B) Educate
C) Analyze
D) Recruit

Answer: Develop : Assess :: Train: Analyze. Develop is to assess as train is to analyze – C) Analyze.


“Develop” refers to expanding, evolving, growing, building something up, etc.

“Assess” refers to evaluating, estimating, etc.

We then note that “Assess” is basically used to evaluate the effect of “developing” and thus we need to find some words that are used to evaluate some “training”.

Possible words that refer to evaluating “training” are: analyze, evaluate, test, etc.

When you create a product, you evaluate its efficiency for functionality. Similarly, when you teach someone to perform a job, you analyze his/her performance to assess how good he/she is at it.

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