Book Is To Chapter As Organization Is To

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Book is to chapter as organization is to what

Answer: Department

A chapter is a part of a book.

We then need to find a term that represents a part of the organization (such that the term and organization are related in the same manner as chapter and book).

A department is a part of an organization and thus the correct answer is department.


In the context of comparing a book to an organization, the terms “chapter” and “department” are most similar in meaning. Because its hierarchical position with respect to the organization sets it apart from the others, the term “department” fits best when compared.

A book’s chapters are not merely a form of documentation; rather, each one makes a distinct contribution to the overall meaning of the work. In other words, dividing a book into chapters allows for assigning specialized purposes to each section while also advancing the overall plot of the tale.

Different departments in an organization’s hierarchy have their own responsibilities and objectives while working within a larger entity, which is a business. An organization may include such departments as marketing, finance, human resources, information technology, and others structurally. Each segment plays an important role in the attainment of an organization’s goals because it makes its own distinct contribution to the growth of a company.

Finally, employees operate in particular departments based on their field of study, just as characters in various sections face different challenges.

As a result, defining the responsibilities of those working in a department is simpler. As a consequence, successful organizational supervision is aided by this approach of organizing difficult situations.

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