Which Situation Would Result In A Theory Being Replaced Rather Than Revised?

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Answer: New information is discovered that contradicts the existing theory.

The situation in which “new information is discovered that contradicts the existing theory” occurs among the options provided in the question, which would result in a theory being replaced rather than revised. So, new knowledge is discovered that refutes the current hypothesis.

If a theory can no longer explain the data, it will need to be replaced. For example, Newton’s laws of motion were replaced by Einstein’s theory of relativity. Sometimes theories are replaced because they are found to be mathematically inconsistent or because they predict results that are not seen in nature. In other cases, new theories may simply provide a more parsimonious explanation for the data than the old theory.

A testable hypothesis could be formed from which question?
are bass more active in the daytime than at night?
the development of a new experimental method is most likely to change a theory if it makes it possible to…
study a larger sample size than before
our current understanding of evolution is called a theory because it has been…
supported repeatedly as new discoveries have been made
which is the correct order in a scientific process?
what do hypothesis, theories, and laws have in common?
which situation would result in a theory being replaced rather than revised?
new information is discovered that contradicts the existing theory
how does a law differ from a theory?
a law is a statement of fact, but a theory is an explanation
which occurs directly before forming a hypothesis?
developing a testable question
Why have improvements in microscopes over time resulted in revisions in the cell theory?
They have revealed new information about cell structure and processes.
A testable hypothesis could be formed from which question?
Are bass more active in the daytime than at night?
Conlan wants to answer the question, “Does phosphorus affect tomato fruit production?” Which statement represents a hypothesis that he can test to answer his question?
If phosphorus affects tomato fruit production, then plants that are fertilized with phosphorus will produce more tomatoes.
To be a possible answer to a scientific question, a hypothesis must be
What is the purpose of controlling the environment when testing a hypothesis?
It allows the scientist to determine the effect of the changed variable.
What do hypotheses, theories, and laws have in common?

In the early days of germ theory, contagious diseases were thought to be caused by fungi or bacteria. In the 1890s, Dmitri Ivanovski filtered extracts from diseased tobacco plants and discovered that the disease could be transmitted to new plants through the filtrate. He concluded that the disease was caused by particles smaller than bacteria: the tobacco mosaic virus.

Which best explains how Ivanovski’s work led to a change in the germ theory?

WRONG – He used a more powerful bacterial strain than other scientists had.
Which occurs directly before forming a hypothesis?
WRONG – proposing a law
Gregor Mendel demonstrated that traits are passed from parents to offspring independently of one another under all circumstances that he tested. All other genetics researchers have observed this as well. Based on this information, the statement “traits are passed from parents to offspring independently of one another” is
WRONG – a theory.
Which observation would most likely be made before an experiment?
noticing the number of tulip plants that sprouted late in a garden
How should you test a hypothesis?
by performing a controlled experiment
In which situation would new technology be most likely to cause a change in an existing theory about new structures a cell?
The new technology allows detection of a structure that could not be detected previously.
Edward Jenner’s smallpox inoculation experiment was based on an observation by a dairymaid that she could not get smallpox because she had already had cowpox. How did Jenner form his hypothesis from this observation?
WRONG – He observed dairymaids milking cows with cowpox to see if the statement was true before forming a hypothesis.
All theories are hypotheses, but not all hypotheses are theories. Francis wants to know if a specific hypothesis he is researching is a theory. Which describes how Francis would know the hypothesis is a theory?
WRONG – He could design and perform a new controlled experiment to test the hypothesis.
The statement “force equals mass times acceleration” is Newton’s second law of motion. Why is this a law rather than a theory?
WRONG – It was classified as a law because it is related to other similar discoveries.
How does a law differ from a theory?
A law is a theory that has been proven to be true and universal.
Gregor Mendel was the first scientist to use statistics to analyze scientific data. Before Mendel’s experiments, scientists believed that organisms acquired traits from their environment and passed them on to their offspring. After Mendel’s discoveries were accepted, scientists realized that traits passed to offspring were the result of genes being passed from parents to offspring. This is an example of
WRONG – a law changing because a new scientific method was developed.

Take a look at the statement below:

Fish meal is better than artificial fertilizers.

How could this statement be revised to make it a hypothesis?

WRONG – Fish meal is a better fertilizer than artificial fertilizer because fish meal is natural.
Sometimes new information results in minor changes to a theory. But sometimes new information results in a theory being discarded as incorrect. An example of an incorrect theory that was disproved by the discovery of new information is
Ptolemy’s theory of the solar system.
Which situation would result in a theory being replaced rather than revised?
WRONG – Additional experiments are performed that confirm the existing theory.

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