Which Of The Following Scheduling Algorithms Could Result In Starvation?

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Which of the following scheduling algorithms could result in starvation?

a. First-come, first-served

b. Shortest job first

c. Round robin

d. Priority


A) FCFS doesn’t cause starvation.

B) SJF could cause starvation.

C) RR doesn’t cause starvation.

D) Priority could cause starvation.


A) First come first serve does not cause starvation. Every process submitted will execute eventually.

B) The shortest job first could cause starvation. Priority is always given to the shortest job meaning that a job in the queue which is long could constantly be starved by the arrival of jobs that are shorter than that job.

C) Round robin could not cause starvation. This is because each process gets equal time slices equally often.

D) Priority could cause starvation. The job with the lowest priority could be starved indefinitely by the arrival of jobs that have higher priorities.

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