Which General Staff Member Prepares Incident Action Plans, Manages Information, And Maintains Situational Awareness For The Incident?

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Question: Which General Staff member prepares Incident Action Plans, manages information, and maintains situational awareness for the incident?

Quick Answer: Planning Section Chief.

This question is a part of FEMA IS-100.C answers.

Broad Description

The Planning Section Chief is a key member of the General Staff in the Incident Command System (ICS). They are responsible for the collection, evaluation, dissemination, and use of information about the development of the incident and the status of resources. Their primary responsibility is the development of the Incident Action Plan (IAP), which lays out the goals, objectives, and strategies for incident management.

In addition to those responsibilities you’ve listed, the Planning Section Chief may also:

  • Coordinate with other sections (like Operations, Logistics, and Finance/Administration) to ensure the IAP is comprehensive and functional.
  • Manage any technical specialists brought in for the incident.
  • Document and archive all incident-related paperwork for legal, analytical, and historical purposes.

Resource: ICS Organizational Structure and Elements

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