Which Member Of The Command Staff Interfaces With Other Agencies To Meet Incident-related Information Requirements?

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Question: Which member of the Command Staff interfaces with other agencies to meet incident-related information requirements?

Answer: Public Information Officer.

This question is a part of FEMA IS-100.C answers.

Broad Description

In the Incident Command System (ICS), the Public Information Officer (PIO) is a member of the Command Staff responsible for interfacing with the public, media, and/or with other agencies regarding incident-related information requirements.

The PIO ensures that all information released is consistent, accurate, timely, and appropriate. They may conduct press briefings, prepare news releases, and provide information needed by incident personnel. The PIO also manages media and public inquiries, emergency public information and warnings, rumor monitoring and response, media monitoring, and other functions required to gather, verify, coordinate, and disseminate accurate, accessible, and timely information related to the incident.

In addition to the Public Information Officer, the Command Staff typically includes the Safety Officer and Liaison Officer, and may include others as needed, depending on the incident’s requirements and complexity.

Resource: Command Staff

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